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Nourishing and warming Chana dal - a bowl of pure comfort with added kale. Lightly spiced and best served with flatbreads to scoop it up!

The perfect homemade edible Christmas gifts - spiced nuts! Mixed nuts with maple syrup and sweet spices; cinnamon, vanilla, allspice, nutmeg, clove powder and salt.

A beautiful green soup made with courgette, peas and mint. Full of summer flavours. Top with a vibrant pesto made with broccoli and pak choi.

A delicious combination of earthy lentils and sweet roasted carrots in the delicious dal - carrots inside and on top. Served with a creamy raita - Yum!

I love this recipe, a rich spiced tomato sauce, cubes of aubergine, comforting pasta and pesto which lifts the dish and adds tons of flavour. It’s incredibly tasty and utterly more-ish.

This roast pepper and chickpea stew is like an enormous hug in a bowl. The beautiful deep flavour of the roast peppers and tomatoes is just gorgeous.

An incredible chocolate and walnut cake with a ganache topping - a deep chocolatey flavour and it’s packed with lovely crunchy walnuts.

Stunning rhubarb parfaits with layers of creamy oats, rhubarb, crunchy granola, and a luscious coconut layer. Absolutely delicious for breakfast or a dessert.

Beautifully spiced red lentil and coconut dal - creamy and nourishing and totally more-ish. Sprinkled with toasted seeds for extra crunch -yum!

A beautiful vegan rainbow lasagne - the ultimate healthy comfort food. Layers of bolognaise, beetroot, cheese sauce and spinach. It’s pretty special.

Delicious and healthy roast cauliflower with nutty quinoa and creamy tahini dressing. A perfect lunch or light dinner dish.

Tasty harissa lentils topped with roast squash and then drizzled with tahini dressing. Super easy to make and packed with flavour and plant-based proteins.

This lovely green summery salad has some wonderful flavours–crispy salty roast potatoes with pea and mint. I think it’s a match made in heaven.

A comforting and creamy bake with roast cherry tomatoes, peppers and white beans in a coconut and harissa sauce. One for all the family.

This is a stunning stack of roast peppers and aubergine with pesto and roast cherry tomatoes - delicious and perfect for dinner parties or a special meal.

Fresh and tasty roast new potato salad with an incredible fresh vegan tzatziki, mint and peas. The perfect summery salad dish - You’ll love it.

A simple salad of roast fennel, aubergine and spring onions with earthy freekeh and amazing homemade harissa sauce. Perfect for lunches or alfresco dining.

A gorgeous combination of roast courgette, green beans, chickpeas, broad beans, mint and lemon. Fresh and substantial at the same time.

A celebration of beautiful seasonal tomatoes in the delicious risotto. Topped with vibrant basil pesto, it’s an incredible combination of taste and texture.

Celeriac steaks roasted until nutty, then topped with zingy salsa verde. A perfect and delicious starter for Christmas or dinner parties.

Delicious and healthy cauliflower and kale curry, a little tangy and creamy at the same time. Served with healthy gluten-free gram flour flatbreads.

A beautiful and fresh salad of roast cauliflower, fennel and white beans with a roast tomato salsa. Perfect for lunches, picnics or eating alfresco.

A gloriously green roast cauliflower, courgette, wild garlic pesto and butter bean salad - incredibly tasty and nourishing. You’ll love it.

Delicious roasted cauliflower & broccoli steaks, served with gorgeously tangy green dressing of capers, lemon, gherkins, fresh herbs and garlic, it’s just amazing.

This special meal deliciously combines creamy baba ganoush piled with nutty cauliflower steaks, harissa chickpeas and crunchy dukka. Yum!

Delicious roast cauliflower, aubergine, and smokey red pepper stew with chickpeas. Served with a big flatbread to mop it all up.

A gorgeous roast veg salad with tasty red pepper muhammara and nutty salty dukka. Perfect for lunch or dinner - healthy and super delicious.

This beautiful and healthy salad just sings summer with the roast carrots and caramelised shallots, chunky butter beans and lots of fresh dill.

A lovely warm salad of roasted carrots combined with puy lentils, walnuts, rocket and figs. Deliciously warming and nourishing.

The ultimate savoury baked potatoes with smokey beans & creamy slaw - comforting, wholesome and absolutely delicious. One for the whole family.

Cute salted peanut butter Christmas cookies - easy to make, their vegan, gluten-free and taste very yummy. Perfect for making for friends or family.

These soft and gooey peanut butter, banana and choc chip cookies are like delicious bites of heaven - only sweetened by dates and ripe bananas, so no added sugar.

A decadently indulgent dessert - salted caramel pecan pie! A gorgeous crust made from pecans, then a sticky caramel filling and toasted pecans. Amazing!

You’ll love these incredible salted caramel choc tarts with raspberry coulis - dark and rich and chocolaty with a zingy sauce. Perfect for a special occasion.

These cute and delicious little tarts are incredible - a nutty crust filled with creamy cashew cheese, pesto and cherry tomatoes. So tasty!

The perfect winter warmer - rose harissa chickpeas with roast cauliflower and dill yogurt. So incredibly tasty, a real crowd pleaser.

A deliciously spongy orange and almond cake - perfect for eating with a cup of tea or dollop of coconut yogurt. Yum!

Absolutely delicious courgette and white miso pesto on a bed of fluffy flatbreads. Topped with char grilled courgette it’s a beautiful fresh and tasty dish.

The classic combination of cauliflower and potato curry with a few delicious twists such as roasting the veg, which adds tons of flavour - incredibly tasty!

A substantial salad of roast vegetables, chickpeas & rice with a tahini dressing and toasted seeds - it packs a flavour and health punch. Perfect for lunches.

Simple but delicious - tandoori roast carrots on a bed of fluffy butter bean and tomato dip - subtly spiced and wonderful with some fresh bread.

Lovely roast squash served on a toasted walnut harissa dip which is stirred into the creamy hummus - such a lovely combination of textures and flavours.

A simple dish of roast squash, fennel and earthy puy lentils with a delicious miso tahini dressing - perfect for lunches or an easy dinner.

Chunky roast veg topped with the most amazing peanut dressing and fresh herbs. The peanut dressing is totally addictive and amazing with tofu as well.

A substantial meal combining roast squash, cauliflower and herby chickpea rice with red pesto - a beautifully balanced and delicious dish.

Eat the rainbow with this vibrant dish of roast carrots and beetroots with beetroot walnut hummus & gomashio - serve with fresh bread - delicious!

This delicious soup has lots of healthy greens; broccoli, courgette, sugar snaps and kale plus coconut milk to making it beautifully creamy.

Simple but incredibly delicious spiced black beans with golden roast turmeric cauliflower. Packed with flavour and made from mostly store cupboard ingredients.