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15-minute-chickpea-and-spinach-curry 1a

A super simple, delicious, nutrient-dense curry packed with chickpeas and spinach, topped with a creamy zesty coconut chutney that you can make in 15 minutes!

10-minute-chickpea-curry-with-coriander-dressing 1a

This lightly spiced, delicious and easy chickpea curry is packed with plant-based protein and can be whipped up in 10 minutes!

banana-loaf-with-choc-chips-vegan-gluten-free 1a

A lovely sweet banana loaf, made even better with the addition of choc chips. Serve for breakfast with jam or berry compote - delicious.

banana-flapjacks 1a

These lovely banana flapjacks are healthy but not lacking in taste - naturally sweetened by ripe bananas. Perfect for breakfast or a portable snack.

banana-date-and-blueberry-flapjacks 2b

Tasty banana, date and blueberry flapjacks are super easy to make, healthy, sweet & delicious. They make a brilliant breakfast or nutritious snack.

banana-coconut-porridge 1a

Creamy warm banana and coconut porridge, such a lovely combination. Especially when topped with fresh raspberries and toasted coconut flakes.

banana-blueberry-buckwheat-pancakes-with-blueberry-compote-coconut-yogurt-and-toasted-walnuts 1a

Fruity pancakes topped with lovely gooey blueberry compote and super creamy coconut yogurt, a sprinkle of toasted walnuts adds crunch. Delicious!

banana-beetroot-blueberry-flapjacks-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Banana flapjacks are super easy to make, really healthy, juicy & delicious. With added beetroot and berries here, which turn them an amazing purple.

banana-almond-and-raspberry-cake-with-granola-topping 1a

An incredibly delicious banana, almond and raspberry cake. Easy to make and then topped with a crunchy granola topping - a perfect balance of flavours.

baked-squash-with-chestnut-nut-roast-stuffing 1a

This delicious and wholesome baked squash with chestnut nut toast stuffing is a perfect seasonal dish which can be cooked for festive dinners or Sunday lunches.

baked-mushrooms-with-harissa-chickpeas-tahini-dressing 1a

This dish has a little kick of spice thanks to the harissa chickpeas that work perfectly with the thick tahini dressing to bring the whole dish together.

baked-mushrooms-in-a-rich-tomato-sauce-cashew-cheese-and-chickpeas 2a

Rich tomato sauce encapsulates soft mushrooms and chickpeas to make the perfect starter or light lunch. Super simple to make and absolutely delicious.

Delicious bread rolls filled with a punchy pesto that adds an incredible colour and flavour. Perfect for starters, sides, or just eaten on their own.

baked-mexican-rice-with-beans-and-greens-topped-with-mango-salsa 1a

Baked spiced rice and beans topped with a smoky tomato sauce and topped with a fresh and summery mango salsa - a crowd pleaser of a dish.

baked-hispi-cabbage-in-smokey-tomatoes-and-tahini 1a

A perfect winter warmer dish that combines all of my favourite ingredients. A rich smoky tomato sauce and a thick tahini drizzle over baked, charred cabbage.

baked-empanadas-with-spiced-cauliflower-peas-and-middle-eastern-spinach-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Slightly spiced empanadas that are both vegan and gluten-free. Filled with cauliflower and spinach that makes a great snack or light lunch.

baked-butternut-squash-with-kale-pesto 1 a

Beautifully baked butternut squash topped with a homemade pesto that is nutty and zingy, making it a delicious treat for the whole family.

baked-beetroots-with-cashew-cheese-and-hazelnut-thyme-dukkah 1a

Beautiful baked beetroots topped with creamy cashew cheese and nutty crunchy hazelnut and thyme dukkah. This makes a lovely starter or main with potatoes.

baked-banana-raspberry-and-chia-oatmeal 1 a

Warm and sweet baked banana oatmeal with healthy chia seeds and juicy popping raspberries. The perfect lazy weekend brunch.

baked-aubergine-with-lentil-salad-creamy-hummus-roast-tomatoes 1a

Inspired by Spanish tapas, this salad takes all the best parts and combines them into a complete meal that’s just as deliciously hot as it is cold.

baked-aubergine-cashew-cheese-pesto-rich-tomato-sauce-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Packed full of vibrant Mediterranean flavours, this super simple dish is a perfect mid-week meal the whole family can enjoy.

caramelised-banana-bread-cake-vegan-gluten-free 1a

The ultimate gooey and sweet banana cake, made extra special with added spices, ground almonds and caramelised bananas on top. Delicious!

caramel-bramley-apple-parfaits-pots 1a

Layers of apple goodness in these parfaits a nutty crumble layer, soft and sweet apples, gooey caramel and then topped with creamy yogurt - just gorgeous.

california-walnut-sun-dried-tomato-pesto-toasts-with-colourful-tomato-basil-salad 1a

These toasts are topped with an incredible sun-dried tomato pesto made from walnuts are so tasty! Even better with a fresh tomato & basil salad. The perfect lunch.

butternut-squash-hasselbacks-indian-spices 1a

A simple but stunning dish - delicious hasselback squash roasted until tender then drizzled in a gorgeous Indian spiced oil.

butternut-squash-chickpea-coconut-curry-for-organicunboxed 1a

Creamy butternut squash curry with chickpeas and spinach. Served with a crunchy fresh salad and flatbread to scoop it all up - delicious!

buckwheat-flatbread-pizza-with-beetoot-hummus-and-cashew-cheese 1a

A healthy and delicious pizza option - a naturally gluten-free buckwheat flour base with tasty beetroot hummus and creamy cashew cheese - simple but so tasty!

brown-rice-and-edamame-bibimbap-buddha-bowl-vegan 1a

This Korean bibimbap bowl is absolutely packed with flavour and its super healthy with its fresh vegetables and protein rich edamame. A perfect lunch dish.

bolognese-pizza-with-cashew-parmesan-vegan 1a

This bolognese pizza is absolutely delicious! A fluffy base with a chunky puy lentil topping. Sprinkle some ‘cashew’ parmesan for extra flavour.

blood-orange-choc-chip-pancakes-vegan-gluten-free 1a

The classic combination of orange and chocolate in fluffy pancake form. Topped with creamy coconut yogurt and caramelised nuts for a decadent brunch.

blood-orange-almond-cake-vegan-gluten-free 1a

This is a pretty special cake, sweet and sticky and a beautiful orange and almond flavour. Use blood oranges or standard - both work. So good!

blackberry-blueberry-peanut-butter-thyme-crisp 1a

A simple dessert which celebrates the abundance and juicy goodness of berries with a gorgeous crispy topping.

beetroot-risotto-with-ancient-grains-vegan 1a

A delicious and special risotto made from a mix of ancient grains- made even better with the addition of fresh beetroot. Tasty and completely more-ish!

beetroot-hummus 1a

Gloriously purple, earthy yet sweet beetroot hummus. Toasted walnuts give an amazing texture and flavour - such a delicious dip!

beetroot-flatbreads-hummus-with-red-cabbage-slaw-and-olives 1a

Beautiful purple tones in this tasty brunch dish - Beetroot Flatbreads & Hummus with Red Cabbage Slaw and Olives. Packed with healthy ingredients!

beetroot-flatbread-pizzas-with-griddled-aubergine-courgette 1a

The colour of these fluffy beetroot flatbread pizzas is incredible. Simply topped with griddled aubergine & courgette and a delicious coconut mint dressing.

beetroot-dal-with-roast-beetroot-and-gram-flour-flatbreads 1a

A beautifully vibrant and delicious dal made with beetroots and red lentils. Served with gluten-free gram flour crepes, which work perfectly to scoop up.

beetroot-coconut-curry-organic-unboxed-challenge 1a

Beetroot, coconut and spices are a match made in heaven. This curry is earthy yet sweet and creamy. Serve with rice and crunchy toasted nuts.

banana-tahini-cake-with-coconut-topping-vegan-gluten-free 1a

This cake deliciously combines sweet bananas, tahini, ground almonds and my secret cake ingredient–chestnuts. It’s gooey and moist and easy to make.

coconut-ginger-rice-pudding-with-sticky-roast-pears 1a

Delicious, comforting rice pudding with some special twists; cooked with coconut cream, dessicated coconut and stem ginger, then topped with roast pears. Incredible.

coconut-cherry-ripple-ice-cream-vegan 1a

Coconut ice cream with a gorgeous cherry and spiced rum ripple - so smooth and dreamy, creamy and very easy to make. The perfect summer dessert.

chunky-roast-pepper-aubergine-butter-bean-caper-and-pesto-salad 1a

A super fresh and summery salad packed with seasonal veg. Beautifully sweet roasted peppers and silky aubergine–tossed in my favourite basil pesto.

chocolate-ganache-tart-vegan-gluten-free 1a

The chocolate tart of your dreams. A crispy nutty base topped with the richest smooth and creamy ganache topping. A very special dessert.

chocolate-crepes-with-caramelised-bananas-raspberry-compote-vegan-gluten-free 1a

These dark chocolate crepes with warm raspberries are a super delicious breakfast, or dessert. A little treat with the gooey caramelised bananas - delicious!

chocolate-cherry-espresso-pots-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Decedent, rich and smooth chocolate cherry expresso pots. Mouthfuls for gooey chocolate with a little coffee hit and sweet cherries - totally dreamy.

chocolate-avocado-truffles-vegan 1a

Chocolate avocado truffles are amazing! The creamiest, melt in your mouth texture and the avocado adds good fats. You need to try these!

choc-almond-banana-granola-gluten-and-refined-sugar-free 1a

The perfect homemade granola - absolutely delicious with sweet bananas, chocolate, and almonds. Easy to make and much better than shop bought options.

chickpea-flatbread-pizza-with-hummus-and-avocado-vegan-and-gluten-free 1a

A super healthy and tasty chickpea flatbread pizza topped with creamy hummus and avocado. This makes the perfect, wholesome brunch or lunch.

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