Work with Niki

You’ve most-likely landed on this page because you’re in the food or drink industry, and are looking for content to engage and communicate with the vibrant and ever-growing plant-based audience.

Well, you’re in the right place!

I started my plant-based blog and social channels, Rebel Recipes, in 2015. Along the way I’ve grown my social audience to over 500,000, and my website has had nearly four million pages views over the past three years. I’ve also been featured in most industry and consumer publications, both plant-based and general titles.
I wrote, photographed and styled my first cookbook ‘Rebel Recipes’ in 2019, and I now have a total of six!

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some brilliant businesses on the production and promotion of vegan and plant-based content. There are four ways that I could help you with yours – content production; platform promotions; representing your business live and in-person; and product/recipe innovation.

Read more about these below, and click the email link on my contact page to arrange a chat about how I could help your business.

Recipe Development & Content Production

I develop recipes and produce content for digital or traditional media channels. I have a fully-equipped working kitchen with rather a lot of props! I also work remotely in client kitchens or food studios. Examples of my content production work are for Sainsbury’s, which I helped launch its vegan range and produced many recipes for its website, and Riverford in South Devon, who I’ve worked with for many years, and produced all sorts of content for, from recipes to podcasts.

Social Promotions

Alongside creating content for your channels, I can create content to amplify your message on my website and social channels, primarily Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Examples are my work for Magnet Kitchens, Bertinet Bakery and California Walnuts. For these businesses, I created a range of campaign-related content and recipes that was placed across the brand’s and Rebel Recipes’ channels.