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I was a super fussy child! I had a dairy intolerance and refused to eat meat, which at the time was a little unusual. My poor Mum!

In despair she let me loose in the kitchen, gave me a mini-budget, and I started to experiment. I was fascinated by flavours, curry spices were just the best. Then when I hit my teens, I travelled around Turkey for six weeks; honestly, the food just blew my mind.

After University I worked in food marketing, but the vegan food options at home were really limited. Then, on my travels around India, the Middle East and the Far East, I discovered a basketful of incredible and inspirational plant-based flavours and dishes.

All of this bubbled away until 2015, when I launched my blog. I juggled growing Rebel Recipes with my full time job, fell in love with Instagram, and engaged with vegans pioneers all over the world.

Rebel Recipes grew and grew, and then in 2016, I made the leap and left my proper job to focus on writing recipes and promoting healthy, sustainable vegan food. I haven’t looked back since!

It’s been super-exciting to be part of the mushroom-ing of vegan food. The way the world eats is changing for the better. I’m super-excited you’re eating more plants.

I wish you a delicious visit and thanks for stopping by.

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