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spring-green-pea-asparagus-risotto-arancici-balls-vegan 1a

A beautiful spring green pea and asparagus risotto with just the right amount of healthy greens within the gooey and rich risotto. Spring on a plate.

ultimate-veggie-stir-fry-with-peanut-sauce-and-green-herby-rice-using-pura-coconut-oil 1a

A quick and delicious stir-fry - loads of vegetables, an amazing peanut sauce and herby rice - a brilliant quick dinner as you can whip them up with any veg.

ultimate-vegan-brunch 1a

An incredible vegan brunch with crispy potatoes, juicy roast tomatoes, mushrooms and greens and a big dollop of creamy hummus - the perfect breakfast treat.

turmeric-gram-flour-crepes-with-spiced-butterbeans-and-roast-yellow-courgette-and-tomatoes 1a

Golden gram flour crepes with turmeric then topped with spiced butter beans and roast courgette and tomatoes. Vibrantly colourful and super healthy.

tomato-curry-roast-veg-and-turmeric-hummus 1a

A super delicious tomato curry with roast veg on spiced turmeric hummus - the quick curry is a game changer, as any vegetables can be added.

tofu-matar-masala-vegan 1a

Creamy dreamy tofu matar paneer - a creamy lightly spiced sauce made from cashews. The tofu and peas add lots of plant-based protein. Delicious!

the-best-vegan-soda-bread 1a

Make your own delicious and super fast soda bread - you just need a few store cupboard ingredients to whip up a fresh loaf in minutes. So good.

the-best-tofu-scramble 1a

The most delicious tofu scramble - the turmeric gives it a gorgeous golden colour. It’s perfect with sourdough or rye toast, flatbreads or roasted veggies.

the-best-lentil-bolognese-with-roast-veg-mash-and-cashew-parmesan-vegan 1a

This lentil bolognese is AMAZING. Super tasty and packed with so much flavour. Served with vegetable mash and cashew parmesan for extra tastiness!

the-best-gluten-free-seeded-crackers 1a

These gluten-free crackers are made from buckwheat and gram flour for added texture and flavour, then packed with a mix of seed and lovely Indian spices.

tandoori-cauliflower-mini-pizzas-with-mint-sauce-pickled-onions 1a

Delicious fluffy little mounds of flatbread topped with creamy mint coconut sauce, tandoori roast cauliflower and tangy quick pickled onions–incredible!

tahini-miso-cauliflower-steaks-a-cookbook-give-away 1a

Gorgeous cauliflower steaks with an incredible miso, rice wine vinegar, and tahini dressing - simple and absolutely delicious.

sweet-roast-pepper-chickpea-panzanella-salad 1a

Sweet Roast Pepper & Chickpea Panzanella Salad A simple but absolutely delicious summery panzanella …

sweet-potato-quinoa-bean-chilli-with-british-quinoa-lemon-herb 1a

A super delicious and nutritious quinoa, sweet potato & bean chilli - packed tons of veggies, sweet potato, beans and quinoa. A healthy and tasty meal.

sweet-potato-massaman-curry-vegan 1a

This lovely Thai curry is amazing - deliciously sweet peanut massaman - made with sweet potatoes to make the curry more nutritious.

winter-layered-smokey-lentil-and-squash-bake-vegan 1a

Layers of lovely smoky Puy lentils with harissa and mushrooms, roast squash topped with a gooey ‘cheesy’ sauce–such a deliciously warming dish.

whole-roast-cauliflower-with-smokey-tomato-sauce-chickpeas-and-cucumber-mint-dressing 1a

This whole roast cauliflower dish is AMAZING. Perfectly cooked and served with a delicious smoky tomato sauce and creamy mint dressing - so good!

white-bean-coconut-roast-pepper-stew-vegan-gluten-free 1a

This incredibly delicious white bean, coconut and roast pepper stew is light enough to be enjoyed in the summer but also comforting and warming for colder months.

warming-harira-soup-with-kenwood-chef 1a

My version of a Moroccan Harira Soup - a deliciously spiced stew flavoured with aromatic spices like cumin, ginger and cinnamon. Warming and delicious.

warm-winter-salad-with-roast-veg-puy-lentils-toasted-hazelnuts 1a

A gorgeous warm winter salad with roast veg and toasted hazelnuts - packed with roast veg and warming earthy puy lentils. Topped with tahini dressing - yum!

veggie-ratatouille-with-chickpeas-and-pan-griddled-bread 1a

A beautiful fresh and summery dish with courgettes, aubergines, lots of tomatoes - simple and so tasty. Served with incredible pan griddled bread.

vegetable-coconut-curry-with-coconut-crusted-tofu-vegan 1a

This lovely vegetable packed creamy fragrant coconut curry topped with baked coconut crusted tofu. Amazing flavours and textures here.

vegan-roast-cherry-tomato-pesto-flatbread-pizza 1a

Super quick and easy flatbread pizza topped with pesto and juicy popping roast cherry tomatoes. Absolutely delicious and totally more-ish.

vegan-raspberry-bakewell-tart-gluten-free 1a

My vegan version of Bakewell Tart - with a nutty base, the most gorgeous gooey almond filing, fresh tart raspberries and a layer of raspberry jam. So good!

vegan-peanut-butter-banana-jam-french-toast 1a

This fluffy banana French toast sandwiched with runny peanut butter and sweet jam is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely with lots of warm gooey berries on top.

vegan-pea-mint-and-asparagus-tart-gluten-free 1a

The perfect Spring tart with charred English asparagus, sweet green peas in the filling and a nutty walnut base. Fresh and super tasty.

vegan-lemon-elderflower-cupcakes-with-coconut-lemon-curd 1a

These little lemon and elderflower cupcakes topped with creamy coconut lemon curd–such a delight and super easy to make. Light and fresh and delicious!

vegan-lasagne-lentils-spinach-pesto 1a

A vegan version of lasagne packed with lots of vegetables, red lentils, a creamy ‘cheese’ sauce and to make it even more special. One for all the family.

vegan-coconut-tofu-saag-with-charred-broccoli 1a

A lovely creamy and green curry topped with crispy tofu and charred broccoli–seriously delicious - creamy, mild and totally more- ish.

vegan-bombay-sweet-potato-pea-fritatta 1a

A vegan Bombay sweet potato & pea frittata -lightly spiced Indian spiced potatoes with soft caramelised onions in an eggy mix. Great for brunch or lunch.

ultimate-winter-lentil-roast-veg-bake 1a

The perfect centre piece for your festive lunch - a layer of green lentils, caramelised onions and then a delicious roast veg mash as a topping. Delicious indeed.

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