Cheap & Very Cheerful Vegan Meals

Are you feeling the effects of rising food prices or just want to feed your piggy bank? My collection of very cheerful cheap vegan meals is just for you!

Cheap vegan meals, that are cheerful too!

When I launched Rebel Recipes back in 2015, veganism was a fringe movement of people who believed, quite passionately, that a diet of food made entirely from plants was better for health, the environment, and animal welfare. Quite right to.

Then climate change became a thing, and veganism started its move towards the mainstream and there’s much more choice for plant-eaters on the supermarket shelves.

But some are good for your piggy bank, some are not so.

Here on Rebel Recipes, I showcase how fresh, wholesome, unprocessed plants can be combined into food with super-delicious flavours, amazing textures and vibrant colours.

And by using these fresh, wholesome, unprocessed plants you can eat super-healthy vegan meals throughout the day, on a budget.

When I do my grocery shop, I make a list, from my recipes of course 😉 and head straight for the fresh fruit and veg, and store-cupboard aisles. Here you’ll find fresh colourful fruits and leafy green vegetables, beans, legumes, grains, potatoes, pasta, rice, oats, flour and much more.

And in the chiller cabinet, my frugal firm fave is tofu, and as a bonus it’s higher in the plant-based protein many vegans seek.

Then with my recipes, you can turn these wonderful real plant-based ingredients into fabulous and cheap vegan meals and vegetarian meals, from breakfast to night, for all occasions, and all your friends and family.

Brilliant Budget Breakfasts

Fluffy savoury oat pancakes topped with mushrooms, avocado and pesto dressing. Very delicious and totally more-ish–perfect for a weekend brunch.

Nutty oat choc chip breakfast cookies - they are easy to make, incredibly yum and packed with healthy and nutritious ingredients; oats, nuts, dates–so good!

Beautifully spiced and warming oats topped with sticky caramelised roast pears - a nourishing bowl of goodness the whole family will love.

Lush Low-cost Lunches

Incredibly tasty pancakes made with carrots, topped with fresh pea pesto and bursting roast tomatoes. A perfect brunch dish - like summer on a plate.

You’ll love this incredible soup! It’s packed with flavour, spices, vegetables and pulses. Not only healthy, it’s absolutely delicious - you’ll make it again and again.

Super healthy - green pea & mint soup! Full of plant proteins and really easy to make. A great way to get in the green goodness.

Delicious Cheap Dinners

The classic combination of cauliflower, spinach, peas and gorgeous Indian spices make this curry sing with flavour and texture - a winner!

Easy to make pimped up beans served on ‘cheesy’ sweet potato mash - makes an amazing quick meal which packs a flavour punch. Beans on repeat. That’s the way it is for me at the moment, anyway. Pure comfort, quick and nutritious.

The perfect creamy lemony butternut squash risotto - golden and creamy and totally delicious. Packed full of flavour and easy to make - it’s a winner!

Super-saver Snacks

The tastiest Asian style cabbage pancake - filled with a tasty mix of spring onions, cabbage and Asian flavours - easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Gorgeous richly spiced tomato harissa sauce with chunky chickpeas and the best bit - gooey caramelised leeks stirred in at the end.

This delicious pumpkin and roast garlic hummus is a great way to use up leftover over pumpkin - wholesome and amazing on charred bread.

Piggy-happy Puds & Cakes

Beautifully squidgy chai spiced parsnip cake - sticky with treacle and spiced with ginger, allspice, cinnamon and cloves, all laced with a zingy lemon drizzle!

Tasty banana, date and blueberry flapjacks are super easy to make, healthy, sweet & delicious. They make a brilliant breakfast or nutritious snack.

A simple dessert which celebrates the abundance and juicy goodness of berries with a gorgeous crispy topping.

I hope you’ll find this collection of recipes help you make very cheerful cheap vegan and vegetarian meals.

I’ll be creating new recipes to add over the coming months, so you can be sure to find something you love. And, I’d love you to join my journey of plant-based inspiration.

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