My Top 30 Storecupboard Recipes

Wondering what to cook from your vegan store cupboard? Here’s 30 of my favourite recipes that use wonderful ingredients like pulses, rice, grains, nuts, seeds, and more…

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From the ingredients in your store cupboard, you can transform your recipes and ideas into delicious, healthy and planet-friendly dishes for you and your family.

Most of the recipes here on my blog start in the store cupboard and use its contents as the foundations or essential enhancing components. Generally, you’ll need some fresh ingredients to transform them into super-tasty nutritionally rounded dishes, but some wonderful classics like hummus, can be made just from what you have in stock.

I love my vegan store cupboard, whether I’m filling it with cost-mindful quality basics, feeling the flow of inspiration as I open the doors, or transforming its contents using one of my recipes.

My traditional store cupboard is filled with dry goods – herbs, spices etc.. And, I think of my freezer as my second store cupboard. Frozen ingredients can be a brilliant time-saver when you need a fresh alternative. So I’ve included a few of my recipes that could use frozen ingredients below.

I’ve included the recipes below in groups, and I’ll be adding more, so come back soon for some more inspiration!

Dried Ingredients

Dried ingredients like all-colours of rice, red split lentils for a delicious dal, the amazing earthy Puy lentils and the complete plant protein, quinoa.

green-lentil-spinach-dal-with-spinach-flatbreads 1a

An incredibly delicious and wholesome green lentil and spinach dal served with spinach flatbreads. Make a huge batch freeze in portions for a speedy meal.

pesto-risotto-with-mushrooms-roast-tomatoes 1a

An incredible risotto with juicy mushrooms and beautifully flavoured with basil pesto and lots of lemon. The popping roast tomatoes take it to the next level tasty.

smoky-puy-lentils-beetroot-hummus-and-quinoa-flatbread 1a

Delicious smoky Puy lentils on a bed of vibrant beetroot hummus and protein packed quinoa flatbreads. Super healthy and packed with flavour.


Flours, like the wheat flours, favourite gluten-free buckwheat and gram flours, and the lovely nutty ancient grain-based flours made from rye and spelt.

spelt-pizza-pesto-roast-tomatoes-courgette-rocket 1a

Super delicious mini spelt pizzas with pesto and roast veg, they really tick all the boxes. Healthy, but super tasty - perfect for lunch or dinner with a salad.

spiced-caramelised-pear-and-fig-buckwheat-pancakes 1a

These delicious spiced caramelised pear and fig pancakes are such a gorgeous brunch or special breakfast dish. You’ll love them!

turmeric-gram-flour-crepes-with-spiced-butterbeans-and-roast-yellow-courgette-and-tomatoes 1a

Golden gram flour crepes with turmeric then topped with spiced butter beans and roast courgette and tomatoes. Vibrantly colourful and super healthy.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds to add crunch, texture, protein and good fats, and nut butters, and my all-time favourite, tahini for making hummus, dressings and more…

blackberry-blueberry-peanut-butter-thyme-crisp 1a

A simple dessert which celebrates the abundance and juicy goodness of berries with a gorgeous crispy topping.

dukka 1a

Delicious pistachio dukka It’s a nutty, crunchy, spicy Middle Eastern dip that you sprinkle on your food or dip your bread into. It’s delicious & totally addictive!

sticky-banana-tahini-walnut-bars 1a

Sticky banana, tahini and walnut bars - packed with lovely middle eastern flavours with the tahini, dates and sesame seeds and then topped with sliced bananas.

Canned Ingredients

Canned ingredients like beans and chickpeas to whip up curries, dips, and salads, tomatoes as the base for meals in minutes, and coconut milk/cream for super-smooth curries, and desserts.

creamy-coconut-dal-with-tarka-and-mini-flatbreads 1a

A creamy bowl of coconut dal - lightly spiced coconut lentils, topped with sticky spiced caramelised onions. Serve with fluffy flatbreads, gorgeous.

rich-spiced-tomato-aubergine-pasta-with-pesto-vegan 1a

I love this recipe, a rich spiced tomato sauce, cubes of aubergine, comforting pasta and pesto which lifts the dish and adds tons of flavour. It’s incredibly tasty and utterly more-ish.

veggie-ratatouille-with-chickpeas-and-pan-griddled-bread 1a

A beautiful fresh and summery dish with courgettes, aubergines, lots of tomatoes - simple and so tasty. Served with incredible pan griddled bread.

Good Oils

Good oils like olive oil for cooking and roasting, extra virgin to add depth of flavour to dressing, drizzles, dips and pesto’s, toasted sesame oil for its distinct flavour for Asian dishes, and coconut oil, which I ‌use in my Asian recipes.

Rebel Recipes Crispy Tofu with a Sesame Coating and Peanut Salad Recipe Image 1

This delicious crispy tofu with a crunchy, nutty sticky coating is amazing! Combined with a fresh and super nutty roasted peanut salad - a taste explosion.

Packed with lovely seasonal ingredients - my deliciously simple roast tomato and roast potato salad with pesto dressing, toasted seeds and olives.

chocolate-cherry-espresso-pots-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Decedent, rich and smooth chocolate cherry expresso pots. Mouthfuls for gooey chocolate with a little coffee hit and sweet cherries - totally dreamy.

Fresh Herbs

 Herbs, to add tons of flavour and make food look pretty too! Some of my fave herbs include mint for dips, salads and desserts, coriander for Asian dishes, basil for batches of pesto, and thyme, which is brilliant in tomato dishes. (Subscribe below to get my *free* Top 5 Recipes using Herbs eBook in return!)

lemon-curd-thyme-tart-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Nothing says summer quite like an enormous slice of luscious lemon tart–A crispy nutty base combined with creamily sweet but zesty lemon curd filling.

spinach-crepes-with-mushrooms-basil-pesto-tahini-dressing 1a

These green and gorgeous spinach crepes are absolutely delicious - filled with juicy oyster mushrooms and a classic rich basil pesto. You’ll love them.

whole-roast-cauliflower-with-smokey-tomato-sauce-chickpeas-and-cucumber-mint-dressing 1a

This whole roast cauliflower dish is AMAZING. Perfectly cooked and served with a delicious smoky tomato sauce and creamy mint dressing - so good!


Spices, that are also fab for flavour, including the Indian spices – cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, turmeric, coriander and garam masala, smoked paprika and ancho chilli for smoky flavours; fennel and caraway for Middle Eastern flavours; chilli flakes, hot paprika, and cayenne for levels of heat; cinnamon, allspice and mixed spice for sweetness; and not forgetting amazing all-rounder garlic powder.

15-minute-chickpea-and-spinach-curry 1a

A super simple, delicious, nutrient-dense curry packed with chickpeas and spinach, topped with a creamy zesty coconut chutney that you can make in 15 minutes!

rich-roast-pepper-chickpea-stew-with-hazelnut-dukkah 1a

This roast pepper and chickpea stew is like an enormous hug in a bowl. The beautiful deep flavour of the roast peppers and tomatoes is just gorgeous.

smoky-cauliflower-lentil-stew 1a

Lovely, smoky cauliflower and lentil stew - super wholesome and incredibly delicious. A recipe you’ll make again and again.


Condiments from around the vegan world include amazing ingredients like soy/tamari, Sriracha, harissa for an incredible depth of flavour and colour, and the magic nutty nutritional yeast for the perfect creamy cheese sauce.

vegan-asian-style-cabbage-pancakes 1a

The tastiest Asian style cabbage pancake - filled with a tasty mix of spring onions, cabbage and Asian flavours - easy to make and absolutely delicious!

roast-cauliflower-baba-ganush-spiced-harissa-chickpeas-dukka 1a

This special meal deliciously combines creamy baba ganoush piled with nutty cauliflower steaks, harissa chickpeas and crunchy dukka. Yum!

rustic-cherry-tomato-cashew-cheese-pesto-tarts 1a

These cute and delicious little tarts are incredible - a nutty crust filled with creamy cashew cheese, pesto and cherry tomatoes. So tasty!


Seasonings for bursts of concentrated flavour include the many tastes of sea salt, lemon juice and the huge variety of pre-prepared stocks and mixed seasonings you can find on the shop shelves.

crispy-tofu-veg-stacks-with-pea-puree-and-lemon-herb-sauce 1a

A stunning dish - fresh, delicious and healthy crispy tofu & veg stacks with pea puree and lemon herb sauce are bursting with flavour, colours and texture.

5-ingredient-choc-tahini-oat-squares 1a

Made with just five ingredients, these plant-based chocolate and oat squares have a delicious swirl of tahini and sea salt to create a delectable dessert the whole family will love.

roast-cherry-tomato-and-thyme-risotto-with-basil-pesto 1a

A celebration of beautiful seasonal tomatoes in the delicious risotto. Topped with vibrant basil pesto, it’s an incredible combination of taste and texture.

Frozen Ingredients

And finally to frozen, which includes veggies like peas that can be transformed into an amazing dip/mash, sweetcorn, and edamame, and, of course, delicious and perfectly preserved frozen fruit like blueberries and raspberries.

almond-crepes-warm-berries-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Super simple, golden and crisp almond crepes filled with nut butter, warm gooey berries and topped with coconut yogurt and fresh mint. The perfect treat for the whole family.

charred-hispi-cabbage-with-sesame-edamame-gomashio 1a

The most delicious charred cabbage served with a fresh and tasty sesame edamame salad and crunchy, salty gomashio sprinkle.

super-green-pea-mint-soup 1a

Super healthy - green pea & mint soup! Full of plant proteins and really easy to make. A great way to get in the green goodness.

I hope you’ll find this recipe collection inspires you to stock up your vegan store cupboard, open the doors, feel the love, and get cooking!

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