Why & How to Get your Family to Eat the Rainbow

Want your family to eat more vegan food? The fruit & veg rainbow colours signal amazing health attributes; here’s why and how to get more on your family’s plates.

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Red & Heart Healthy

heirloom-tomato-tart-walnut-base-vegan-gluten-free 1a

A stunner of a summer tomato tart! Bursting with flavour and makes the perfect centrepiece for any spread. With a nutty gluten-free base.

roast-cherry-tomato-and-thyme-risotto-with-basil-pesto 1a

A celebration of beautiful seasonal tomatoes in the delicious risotto. Topped with vibrant basil pesto, it’s an incredible combination of taste and texture.

white-bean-coconut-roast-pepper-stew-vegan-gluten-free 1a

This incredibly delicious white bean, coconut and roast pepper stew is light enough to be enjoyed in the summer but also comforting and warming for colder months.

Orange & Yellow, Eye See You

baked-squash-with-chestnut-nut-roast-stuffing 1a

This delicious and wholesome baked squash with chestnut nut toast stuffing is a perfect seasonal dish which can be cooked for festive dinners or Sunday lunches.

baked-butternut-squash-with-kale-pesto 1 a

Beautifully baked butternut squash topped with a homemade pesto that is nutty and zingy, making it a delicious treat for the whole family.

roast-carrot-dal-with-herby-raita 1a

A delicious combination of earthy lentils and sweet roasted carrots in the delicious dal - carrots inside and on top. Served with a creamy raita - Yum!

Green for Good Bones

spinach-crepes-with-mushrooms-basil-pesto-tahini-dressing 1a

These green and gorgeous spinach crepes are absolutely delicious - filled with juicy oyster mushrooms and a classic rich basil pesto. You’ll love them.

spring-green-pizza-with-kale-pesto-and-purple-sprouting-broccoli-vegan 1a

A beautifully green pizza topped with purple sprouting broccoli and has a layer of sautéed kale pesto made with toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds - delicious!

vegan-coconut-tofu-saag-with-charred-broccoli 1a

A lovely creamy and green curry topped with crispy tofu and charred broccoli–seriously delicious - creamy, mild and totally more- ish.

Purple & Blue for Brilliant Brains

banana-date-and-blueberry-flapjacks 2b

Tasty banana, date and blueberry flapjacks are super easy to make, healthy, sweet & delicious. They make a brilliant breakfast or nutritious snack.

banana-beetroot-blueberry-flapjacks-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Banana flapjacks are super easy to make, really healthy, juicy & delicious. With added beetroot and berries here, which turn them an amazing purple.

blackberry-blueberry-peanut-butter-thyme-crisp 1a

A simple dessert which celebrates the abundance and juicy goodness of berries with a gorgeous crispy topping.

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