My Top 10 Healthy and Light Vegan Dinners

Craving a healthy and light vegan dinner?

Here’s my top 10 super-nutritious veg-packed vegan recipes, with 2 bonuses, that are just perfect when you want a lighter meal.

My top 10 healthy and light vegan dinners

My top 10 (plus 2 extra) healthy and light vegan dinners feature nourishing vegetable and tofu centrepieces, super-fresh salads, delicious bean mixes, my hero herbs, and dressings to die for!

Perfect for lunch or simply when you want a smaller dish, these light vegan meals are packed full of healthy plant-based goodness, bursting with flavour and have amazing textures.

Try these out and let me know what you think. I’m sure they’ll become your firm favourites for those moments you fancy a healthy and light vegan dinner.

The Recipes

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