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About Rebel Recipes
These are my vegan recipes for real life. I love food and these are recipes to be enjoyed.
I call my blog Rebel Recipes, because it's all about non-conformity. There are unwritten rules that say indulgent food is bad for you and healthy food is boring. As a passionate foodie, I refused to accept that this had to be the case.

"My food is unashamedly for foodies. It’s about pleasure, vibrancy and flavour. There are super healthy salads through to gratifying treats. It’s about thoughtful eating"

About Niki Webster

For me plant-based eating isn't a trend - as soon as I could get into the kitchen as a teenager I started to experiment (badly) to try and create the vegetarian food I wanted to eat.

Meat and two veg have always been off the agenda and through trial and error I was soon making the food I loved and I've continued to experiment ever since.

I think that everyone is different but for me eating a plant-based minimally processed diet full of vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds makes me feel the best (and of course it's good for the environment and animal welfare - happy days).

You won't find any limp lettuce of boring old school vegan food here though - when you're as obsessed with vegetables, flavours and spices as I am it's amazing what deliciousness can be created.

All my recipes are vegan, mostly naturally gluten-free (although I love a good sourdough), refined sugar-free but full of vibrancy and flavour. I try not to make my recipes overly complicated so they are as accessible as possible (I get turned off my complicated ones) I hope I can inspire you to love to cook as much as I do, with my easy, delicious and nutritious dishes.

When I launched Rebel Recipes in 2015 it was just a place to share my recipes and foodie passion. I had no idea where my food blog would take me. It's pretty amazing that this has now become my full-time job and I couldn’t be any more happy and grateful.


My new cookbook

In my new cookbook I gather some of my favourite recipes and lots of new creations.

What's Inside?
Mouth-watering spicy Indian crepes, baked aubergine with cashew cheese and pesto, sweet potato, cauliflower and peanut stew and chocolate cherry espresso pots.

It's deliciously indulgent plant-based food like you've never experienced.

Rebel Recipes is unashamedly about taste; it's all about pleasure, vibrancy and flavour - food for the soul that happens to be good for you (and the planet) too. Vegan food has never tasted so good.

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My food inspiration

I spent lots of time travelling and backpacking around Asia, trying the amazing local vegetarian food, and I just love; Indian thalis and dosas, Thai flavours, Middle Eastern food, huge mezze's with hummus and flatbread. Food from cultures which have vegetables and pulses at the very heart of their cuisines.

Lots of my recipes reflect this; spicy curries, lots of pulses, flatbreads, salad, dips, pickles etc layering textures and flavours to create the perfect meal. Food which can be enjoyed and shared. Soul food.

My husband and I frequent Catalonia often. Although not known for it's vegetarian and vegan food but Barcelona has a huge number amazing plant-based restaurants. I love it! My husband and I are incredibly grateful to own a holiday home in the mountains of Catalonia. A real retreat and escape from everyday life. Of course, because we fly into Barcelona, it's just too tempting not to stay over and explore its culinary delights.

Some highlights so far

I was incredibly honoured to win The Soil Association BOOM Award for Best Food Blog – Such a big achievement, especially from an organisation I feel so passionate about.

I have had the opportunity to travel some amazing places like the Caribbean and to India to style for an incredible Ayurvedic cookbook.

I've worked with some wonderful brands and restaurants such as Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods, Waitrose, Farmstand to name but a few.

Food Consultancy

I now spend most of my time working with brands and restaurants to create gorgeous food content. Developing delicious recipes, food styling, photography, video creation, content strategy and much more.

Qualified Health Coach

I completed the IIN Holistic Health Coach course in May 2017 as I wanted to enhance my nutritional knowledge any coaching knowledge. I loved every minute of it and learnt loads.

I'm currently immersed in the Plantlab raw chef course.

Soil Association Award Winner


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