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About Rebel Recipes

Born from a love of celebrating vegetables; their wholesome simplicity; vibrancy; flavours; colours – Rebel Recipes was created to showcase recipes that burst with unexpected joy that will feed your soul as well as your belly but without conforming to the expected vegan rules that dictate the way we eat. Throwing away the rule book, Rebel Recipes abides by its own rules and refuses to accept the status quo that plant-based food is boring and indulgent food is bad for you. Rebel Recipes is unashamedly for foodies – it’s about pleasure, accessibility, innovation and delicious recipe ideas that can be loved by all.

“My recipes are a celebration of vegetables, they are at the heart of all my dishes, and I build recipes around them. I believe that plant-based food doesn’t need to be ordinary, you just need a little creativity and your meals can be bursting with unexpected flavour whilst still being healthy and uncomplicated.”

Rebel Recipes, which was started by Niki Webster in 2015 has held its own at the forefront of the plant-based sector for over 6 years and continues to do so, as the online platform has now expanded into a loyal community of food-based fans across the globe; its recipes have spilt over into two best-selling books: Rebel Recipes and Be More Vegan, and a Podcast entitled 'What the Focaccia'. Niki is currently working in expanding further with exciting projects and collaborations in the pipeline allowing her to continue staying at the top for another 6 years – and beyond.

About Niki Webster

For me, plant-based eating isn’t just a trend – it’s a way of life. As a child I was obsessed with vegetables and their unlimited possibilities; as soon as I was allowed in the kitchen I started experimenting. Back then it mostly meant putting curry paste on everything, but as my intrigue and hunger grew – paired with my travels around Asia and the Middle East – I grew my culinary skills in both a creative and modern way in order to make vibrant and delicious recipes that encapsulated everything I loved about the plant-based world. The global tastes and plant-centric cuisines. Using spices, herbs and combining traditional and new-age cooking techniques to maximise and layer flavour and to add texture and depth to build truly magnificent meals.

Although I’ve always identified as a vegan - I don’t create recipes specifically for vegans – I create recipes for foodies. All of the dishes I share in my cookbooks or on my blog and social media is the food that I love to eat: delicious, wholesome and vibrant plant-based dishes that aren’t complicated to make and my tried and tested tips and tricks will help you create tasty feasts without any fuss, with and for the people you love. Food that can educate and inspire so it can be shared and enjoyed.

Vegetables excite me – I live, sleep, breathe (and eat) plant-based dishes, but I know that it can be quite daunting for other people to take a step into an unknown cuisine and some aspects of veganism still have a slight militant notion to it. This is why my recipes are the perfect introduction for those wanting to take a step in a new direction. My hope is that everyone, from vegans and vegetarians through to people just wanting to reduce their meat and dairy consumption will always find something they love. So, you always get the maximum flavour – with minimum fuss, in a no-nonsense way – guaranteed.


Expertise and Achievements:

Niki’s work and recipes have been featured regularly across the food, lifestyle and national newspapers and online media publications including on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, Metro, The Times, Independent and Vegan Living. As well as hosting her own podcast with fellow chef and cook-book author Bettina Campolucci Bordi entitled ‘What the Focaccia’. Currently recording the third series, the podcast interviews the names in the industry that matter and dive in deep into the plant-based world in bite-size chunks and memorable never-heard-before moments.

Gaining notoriety within the food sector, as an expert specialising in plant-based topics, Niki won The Soil Association BOOM Award for Best Food Blog and has regularly worked alongside Fairtrade, Organic and Local Charities, Organisations and Businesses that champion sustainable and ethical production and produce and embody her ethos for a more careful consumption across the community, that adapts to the issues the world is currently facing and is fluid in its approach for change, as she is.

It’s no secret that Niki is no stranger to developing recipes and crafting beautiful imagery for her own brand, but she also regularly works with like-minded brands, chefs and restaurants to help educate, inspire and offer forward-thinking design by producing seasonal recipes, food styling, photography and video creation and content strategies that have seen her travel across the globe. Brands include Holland & Barret, Wholefoods and Lululemon and Niki is currently available for consultancy and projects that align with the Rebel Recipes mantra. [Hyperlink to Work With Me]

Niki is also a fully qualified IIN Holistic Health Coach and a Plantlab Level 1 Raw Chef

My New Cookbook

In my new cookbook, I explore the young person's guide to a plant-based lifestyle.

What's Inside?
It contains over 50 mouthwatering recipes for every situation, from lunchbox staples to midweek meals, and moreish snacks to amazing cakes and desserts as well as explaining the reasons behind going vegan, including environmental, health and animal welfare benefits - but done in a simple and clear language so that any reader can make up their own mind.

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My Food Inspiration

I've spent a lot of time backpacking around Asia; travelling to new locations; trying the amazing local vegetarian food, and I just love it... all. Food from cultures that have vegetables and pulses at the very heart of their cuisines: Indian thalis and dosas, Thai flavours, Middle Eastern food, huge mezze boards with hummus and flatbread.

Lots of my recipes reflect this: spicy curries, lots of pulses, flatbreads, salad, dips, pickles - layering textures and flavours to create the perfect meal; food that can be enjoyed and shared. The ultimate 'Soul Food'.

I also frequent Catalonia often. Although not known for its vegetarian and vegan food but growing rapidly, especially in Barcelona, where I fly into - and make use of my time exploring the exciting new plant-based restaurants opening here before escaping to my holiday home in the mountains, which is a real retreat and escape from everyday life.


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