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I’m a 'food consultant' which means I help lots of companies and restaurants with things like content, recipe development, food styling, photography and much more. I'm also a certified health coach and award winning food blogger.

Below are some of the ways in which I help brands, companies and individuals.

Food Consultancy

I love working with brands collaboratively to create beautiful food content.

I'm very often involved in the whole creative process, from; brief, recipe creation, styling, photography and then editing. But also work on each area separately - depending on your needs.


Recipe Development

I specialise in plantbased recipes but work with a large range of companies and briefs.

I'm very happy to have worked with:
• Holland & Barrett
• Coop
• Farmstand
• Florette
• Ombar
• Soil Association

Food Styling 

If you already have your own recipes and photographer then I love working as part of a team to produce beautiful content and images

I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful brands and authors.
Ayurvedic Cookbook
Lilys kitchen

Studio & Props

I have a great, cost effective set up at home with lots of props/backgrounds etc. I'm also very happy to travel and spend time prop sourcing and styling in all over the UK and overseas.

Food Photography 

Creating beautiful images & photography is my passion.

I know the value of creating content which tells a story and engage with your audience.

See some examples here:
Rebel Recipes »
Bfresh »
Baygo »
Farmstand » 
RM Curtis » 

in working
with me?

Recipe Videos

Creating food videos can really help to bring content to life.

I work with my videographer and editor for this.

Here are some examples:
Holland & Barrett »
Ombar »
Wholefoods »

Sponsored Posts

I love collaborating with companies, and I have worked with some fantastic people and brands.

I'm very lucky to get lots of enquires and collaboration requests. However I can only work with brands which fit my ethos. I have over 220k followers and will always supply analytics so that you can access the success of the collaboration.

Some examples:
- Blog Posts -
Natures Path »
Kenwood »
Waitrose »

- Instagram -
Holland & Barrett »
Organic UK »

Workshops / expert panels 

I have sat on lots of expert panels and workshops talking about everything from food photography, food trends to being a foodprenour. 

I love to share my passion for cooking and I am available for cooking workshops and demos - both for groups and 121 sessions.

Coaching Services

As a qualified holistic health coach I know that food is super important for your health but its not the whole picture... can you really be truly healthy if you hate your job or you're super stressed?

Following my passion and starting Rebel Recipes has changed my life in many ways. Creating your own successful business is incredibly rewarding and powerful and I would love to use my experiences to help others wanting to follow the same path.

Being an entrepreneur/business owner means you literally have to be an expert in everything; marketing, accountanting, admin, everything.

I would love to use my experience to help women starting out.


Head on over to my contact page, I'd love to chat with you!



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