Flatbread Masterclass

These quick flatbread’s are not only one of my favourite and most used recipes (you know me, I love flatbreads with all my meals, they are the perfect vehicle for scooping up delicious curries and soups) but it has also been one of my most requested recipes to break-down into a masterclass. 

I created a video on Instagram last week, and you guys went crazy for it. So thought I’d break it down step by step for future reference.  This recipe could not be easier, and these quick flatbreads could not taste any yummier. 

I have lots of flatbread recipes on my site, ranging from fluffy yeasted, gram flour crepes, buckwheat,  quinoa and more. But here’s my recipe for super quick flatbreads which can be whipped up in minutes!

Quick & easy flatbread recipe.

150g Self-Raising Flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

Pinch Salt

75ml Water

2 tablespoon Plant-based Yogurt

To make the flatbread

 In a large bowl, add the flour, baking powder and salt. Stir to combine.  Now add the water and yogurt, mix thoroughly to combine then transfer to a floured board.  Knead for a few minutes until you get a springy dough.  

Heat a large griddle pan or frying pan to medium.  

Divide the dough into four then roll out the first flatbread.  

Pop it on the griddle pan and allow to cook and char a little on that side then flip to cook to on the other side.  Repeat.  

Keep the flatbreads warm on a plate covered with a clean cloth.  

You don’t have to use wheat flour though, I have many options on my blog – heres some;

Gram flour crepes

Buckwheat flatbreads

Yeasted fluffy flatbreads -perfect for pizza or pide.

Mushroom flatbread

Quinoa flatbreads

Here’s some recipes – all perfect with flatbread 🙂 How about trying some of these recipes?

Pea & Tomato Curry with spiced Tofu & Flatbreads

Peas are one of my absolute favourite staples, as they are not only a super versatile ingredient but are also super cost effective. I love adding them to curries – their juicy sweetness is just right to cut through some of the heat from the Indian spices. I’ve added extra sweetness from the simple tomato and topped it with some spiced crispy tofu to balance out the flavours and textures – and of course, some gram flour flatbreads to scoop it all up with!  

Butternut Squash, Chickpea & Coconut Curry 

This incredibly welcoming bowl of goodness is topped with a big dollop of Biona chilli peanut butter rather than my signature coconut swirl. I add extra peanuts on top for a crunch which works amazingly well with the soft butternut squash and chickpeas that have been cooking delightfully in the fragrant sauce. I pair this with a fresh and crunchy fennel salad with toasted seeds, for an extra little bit of luxury!  

Mushroom & Butter Bean Ragu with ‘Cheesy’ Polenta

Utilising more than one store-cupboard grain, this mushroom and butterbean ragu is paired with a slightly cheesy polenta for an earthy warming bowl of comforting goodness. Dive inwith an extra helping of bread to soak up its juices.   

Miso Roast Parsnips on Mustard Butter Bean Mash and Roast Garlic

With a helping hand from our veg drawer comes this delicious dish that combines caramelised parsnips (feel free to use carrots instead) mixed in with a sweet miso dressing and on a bed of sharp peppery mustard butter bean mash – enjoy on its own with a hunk of fresh bread or as part of a larger spread.   

Roast Tandoori Carrots on Butter Bean and Tomato Dip

What I love about butter beans is their ability to enhance the flavours you add with them – they are truly a blank canvas and vehicle for all thing’s deliciousness. By adding sweet roasted Tandoori spiced carrots on top of this smooth sweetened tomato dip you can really balance out the flavours for a delicious lunch or snack.   

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