Recipes by Occasion & Type

If you're looking for a delicious spring dish that pairs perfectly with a premium white wine, you'll love this Roast Veg Risotto recipe collaboration with Stoneleigh.

This pizza is AMAZING! Crispy bottom, fluffy dough, crispy aubergines, amazing pesto and easy tomato sauce. Cooking the base in a pan means a crispy bottom and cooking in super quick time. You'll love this vegan pesto pizza recipe!

These lovely little festive nibbles are super tasty - homemade buckwheat blinis topped with creamy cream cheese, carrot 'lox', dill and capers. Delicious!

To celebrate Veganuary, I’ve teamed up with Tofuture to create a delicious creamy curry recipe using their fantastic, and super-useful tofu press.

To celebrate Veganuary, I’ve teamed up with Tofuture to create a delicious creamy curry recipe using their fantastic, and super-useful tofu press.

These gingerbread pancakes make a very special festive breakfast or brunch treat. Beautifully fluffy and spiced with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.

These lovely little festive nibbles are super tasty - homemade buckwheat blinis topped with creamy cream cheese, carrot 'lox', dill and capers. Delicious!

For a flavour packed, nutritious meal my kimchi fried rice will give you a full-on spicy health boost. It's a quick and easy way of using up leftovers too!

My deliciously warming pumpkin curry recipe - simple to make and lightly spiced. One for the whole family. Serve with flatbreads for the ultimate comfort food.

This whole baked pumpkin recipe stuffed with harissa rice is your Halloween show-stopper, a brilliant family meal or Sunday lunch for your ghosts and ghouls!

This delicious crispy tofu with a crunchy, nutty sticky coating is amazing! Combined with a fresh and super nutty roasted peanut salad - a taste explosion.

Packed with lovely seasonal ingredients - my deliciously simple roast tomato and roast potato salad with pesto dressing, toasted seeds and olives.

These mushroom tofu burgers are absolutely delicious! With such a fantastic texture, they are even better with caramelised onions and all the toppings!

Chana Masala Mango Naan; an incredible combination of fluffy flatbreads, delicious and chunky Chana masala and a creamy onion & mint salad.

Delicious and more-ish aubergine zaalouk with chickpeas and Za'atar flatbreads - a gorgeous spiced roast aubergine stew with chickpeas and creamy hummus.

These amazing crepes are made from red lentils. They are very simple to make, tasty, high protein and gluten-free. You’ll love them!

A creamy bowl of coconut dal - lightly spiced coconut lentils, topped with sticky spiced caramelised onions. Serve with fluffy flatbreads, gorgeous.

Spiced whole cauliflower with smoky tomatoes and salsa - a bit of a showstopper of a dish. Served on a bed of a smoky tomato sauce and fresh and zingy salsa.

A lovely fresh vegetable packed stew with butter beans and fluffy courgette dumplings. It’s healthy and comforting at the same time.

A trio of delicious wild garlic recipes. A chickpea and wild garlic stew. Fluffy flatbread infused with wild garlic and a gorgeous pesto. All fantastic!

A stunning dish - fresh, delicious and healthy crispy tofu & veg stacks with pea puree and lemon herb sauce are bursting with flavour, colours and texture.

Gorgeously soft and fruity carrot cake muffins! With carrots, mixed fruit, ground almonds and crunchy walnuts. Perfect for breakfast, treat or snack.

A very special bread recipe which is a bit of a showstopper. Braided bread with layers of harissa and chilli oil and juicy little olives nestling inside.

Mushroom souvlaki with tzatziki and za'atar flatbread - the tastiest mushroom kababs, with creamy and fresh tzatziki, and the fluffiest za'atar flatbreads.

The tastiest Asian style cabbage pancake - filled with a tasty mix of spring onions, cabbage and Asian flavours - easy to make and absolutely delicious!

A simple but delicious spiced squash dish. Celebrating seasonal squash, which is roasted then cooked in spices, tamarind and coconut milk.

Amazing tofu finger sandwiches - these delicious fingers are crispy on the outside and squidgy on the inside - fun to make for friends or family.

The most delicious pesto risotto topped with caramelised leeks, broad beans, and then the amazing za'atar roast cauliflower - it’s pretty special.

Soft and gooey chocolate biscoff almond brownie hearts - utterly delicious and super easy to make. Serve with a zingy raspberry compote for a perfect pairing.

A lovely, deliciously creamy and tasty mushroom carbonara with roast celeriac and garlic - it’s super smooth with no dairy, oil or nuts but still dreamy.

Fun and colourful rainbow dough balls - easy to make and look stunning. Served with some creamy hummus and juicy popping roast tomatoes - yum!

This flavour packed, hearty and healthy puy lentil stew is earthy and wholesome. Served on a bed of parsnip and squash mash to make it even more delicious.

Beautifully squidgy chai spiced parsnip cake - sticky with treacle and spiced with ginger, allspice, cinnamon and cloves, all laced with a zingy lemon drizzle!

These lovely little cheesy tarts make a lovely festive starter or tasty lunch. With gorgeous caramelised onions, and a creamy 'cheese' filling.

A delicious savoury galette with squash and sweet caramelised onions, which pairs incredibly well with the earthy walnuts in the base and fresh pesto. Yum!

This is a bit of a stunner of a festive treat! Star bread filled with layers of sweet dark cherry jam and mincemeat - like a festive sharable Chelsea Bun.

Festive roast squash, caramelised onion and pesto tarts - a wholesome base topped with pesto, caramelised onions and butternut squash - delicious!

For the perfect festive nibbles you've got to love a blini - the little buckwheat pancakes are versatile and brilliant base for dips, cheese, or sweet toppings.

Gorgeous richly spiced tomato harissa sauce with chunky chickpeas and the best bit - gooey caramelised leeks stirred in at the end.

A lovely risotto with caramelised leeks, seasonal mushrooms to create a gooey texture packed full of umami flavours and then finished with toasted pine nuts.

Fragrantly spiced butternut squash, lentil and peanut stew inspired by African dishes and creates the perfect warming dish, which is like the ultimate comfort in a bowl.

A super simple, delicious, nutrient-dense curry packed with chickpeas and spinach, topped with a creamy zesty coconut chutney that you can make in 15 minutes!

This lightly spiced, delicious and easy chickpea curry is packed with plant-based protein and can be whipped up in 10 minutes!

Sweet apple almond blondies - with ground almonds and a special ingredient -chickpeas, which makes them squidgy and adds loads of plant-based protein.

Super simple, golden and crisp almond crepes filled with nut butter, warm gooey berries and topped with coconut yogurt and fresh mint. The perfect treat for the whole family.

The perfect stack of deliciously dark pancakes made with activated charcoal and topped with a rich and jammy blackberry compote. The perfect breakfast for kids and adults alike.

Made with just five ingredients, these plant-based chocolate and oat squares have a delicious swirl of tahini and sea salt to create a delectable dessert the whole family will love.

Caramelised onions combined with juicy mushrooms make the perfect base for these delicious flatbreads that you can top with all your favourite toppings.