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Rebel Recipes Beans Greens Soup Image 1

These lovely little festive nibbles are super tasty - homemade buckwheat blinis topped with creamy cream cheese, carrot 'lox', dill and capers. Delicious!

Rebel Recipes Tofuture Creamy Tofu Tikka with Flatbreads and Pickles 1

To celebrate Veganuary, I’ve teamed up with Tofuture to create a delicious creamy curry recipe using their fantastic, and super-useful tofu press.

Rebel Recipes Harissa Beans Pesto Cheese Toastie Image 1

To celebrate Veganuary, I’ve teamed up with Tofuture to create a delicious creamy curry recipe using their fantastic, and super-useful tofu press.

Rebel Recipes Gingerbread Pancakes 2

These gingerbread pancakes make a very special festive breakfast or brunch treat. Beautifully fluffy and spiced with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Rebel Recipes Festive Blinis Carrot Lox Cream Cheese 2

These lovely little festive nibbles are super tasty - homemade buckwheat blinis topped with creamy cream cheese, carrot 'lox', dill and capers. Delicious!

Rebel Recipes Ultimate Pumpkin Curry Recipe Image 1

My deliciously warming pumpkin curry recipe - simple to make and lightly spiced. One for the whole family. Serve with flatbreads for the ultimate comfort food.

Rebel Recipes Whole Baked Pumpkin Stuffed with Harissa Rice Recipe Image 1

This whole baked pumpkin recipe stuffed with harissa rice is your Halloween show-stopper, a brilliant family meal or Sunday lunch for your ghosts and ghouls!

Rebel Recipes Crispy Tofu with a Sesame Coating and Peanut Salad Recipe Image 1

This delicious crispy tofu with a crunchy, nutty sticky coating is amazing! Combined with a fresh and super nutty roasted peanut salad - a taste explosion.

Packed with lovely seasonal ingredients - my deliciously simple roast tomato and roast potato salad with pesto dressing, toasted seeds and olives.

mushroom-tofu-burgers-with-caramelised-onions-root-fries 1a

These mushroom tofu burgers are absolutely delicious! With such a fantastic texture, they are even better with caramelised onions and all the toppings!

channa-masala-mango-naan 1a

Chana Masala Mango Naan; an incredible combination of fluffy flatbreads, delicious and chunky Chana masala and a creamy onion & mint salad.

creamy-coconut-dal-with-tarka-and-mini-flatbreads 1a

A creamy bowl of coconut dal - lightly spiced coconut lentils, topped with sticky spiced caramelised onions. Serve with fluffy flatbreads, gorgeous.

spiced-whole-cauliflower-with-smoky-tomatoes-and-salsa 1a

Spiced whole cauliflower with smoky tomatoes and salsa - a bit of a showstopper of a dish. Served on a bed of a smoky tomato sauce and fresh and zingy salsa.

wild-garlic-chickpea-stew-with-pesto-and-wild-garlic-flatbreads 1a

A trio of delicious wild garlic recipes. A chickpea and wild garlic stew. Fluffy flatbread infused with wild garlic and a gorgeous pesto. All fantastic!

crispy-tofu-veg-stacks-with-pea-puree-and-lemon-herb-sauce 1a

A stunning dish - fresh, delicious and healthy crispy tofu & veg stacks with pea puree and lemon herb sauce are bursting with flavour, colours and texture.

fruity-carrot-cake-muffins 1a

Gorgeously soft and fruity carrot cake muffins! With carrots, mixed fruit, ground almonds and crunchy walnuts. Perfect for breakfast, treat or snack.

braided-olive-and-harissa-bread 1a

A very special bread recipe which is a bit of a showstopper. Braided bread with layers of harissa and chilli oil and juicy little olives nestling inside.

mushroom-souvlaki-with-tzatziki-and-zaatar-flatbread 1a

Mushroom souvlaki with tzatziki and za'atar flatbread - the tastiest mushroom kababs, with creamy and fresh tzatziki, and the fluffiest za'atar flatbreads.

sticky-tamarind-squash-curry-with-coriander-mint-dressing 1a

A simple but delicious spiced squash dish. Celebrating seasonal squash, which is roasted then cooked in spices, tamarind and coconut milk.

tofu-finger-sandwich-with-minty-peas-and-tartar-sauce 1a

Amazing tofu finger sandwiches - these delicious fingers are crispy on the outside and squidgy on the inside - fun to make for friends or family.

pesto-risotto-with-sauteed-greens-and-zaatar-cauliflower-steaks 1a

The most delicious pesto risotto topped with caramelised leeks, broad beans, and then the amazing za'atar roast cauliflower - it’s pretty special.

vegan-chocolate-biscoff-almond-brownie-hearts 1a

Soft and gooey chocolate biscoff almond brownie hearts - utterly delicious and super easy to make. Serve with a zingy raspberry compote for a perfect pairing.

vegan-creamy-celeriac-roast-garlic-and-mushroom-carbonara 1a

A lovely, deliciously creamy and tasty mushroom carbonara with roast celeriac and garlic - it’s super smooth with no dairy, oil or nuts but still dreamy.

rainbow-dough-balls-with-hummus-and-juicy-roast-tomatoes 1a

Fun and colourful rainbow dough balls - easy to make and look stunning. Served with some creamy hummus and juicy popping roast tomatoes - yum!

chai-spiced-parsnip-cake-vegan 1a

Beautifully squidgy chai spiced parsnip cake - sticky with treacle and spiced with ginger, allspice, cinnamon and cloves, all laced with a zingy lemon drizzle!

mini-vegan-cheese-tarts-with-sprout-and-walnut-slaw 1a

These lovely little cheesy tarts make a lovely festive starter or tasty lunch. With gorgeous caramelised onions, and a creamy 'cheese' filling.

festive-walnut-caramelised-onion-squash-galette-with-walnut-pesto-dressing 1a

A delicious savoury galette with squash and sweet caramelised onions, which pairs incredibly well with the earthy walnuts in the base and fresh pesto. Yum!

mince-pie-dark-cherry-star-bread-vegan 1a

This is a bit of a stunner of a festive treat! Star bread filled with layers of sweet dark cherry jam and mincemeat - like a festive sharable Chelsea Bun.

vegan-roast-squash-caramelised-onion-pesto-tarts 1a

Festive roast squash, caramelised onion and pesto tarts - a wholesome base topped with pesto, caramelised onions and butternut squash - delicious!

festive-blinis-mini-pizzas-and-beetroot-dip-and-dill 1a

For the perfect festive nibbles you've got to love a blini - the little buckwheat pancakes are versatile and brilliant base for dips, cheese, or sweet toppings.

harissa-chickpeas-with-sticky-leeks-and-fluffy-harissa-hummus-with-zaatar 1a

Gorgeous richly spiced tomato harissa sauce with chunky chickpeas and the best bit - gooey caramelised leeks stirred in at the end.

caramelised-leek-mushroom-risotto-with-toasted-pine-nuts 1a

A lovely risotto with caramelised leeks, seasonal mushrooms to create a gooey texture packed full of umami flavours and then finished with toasted pine nuts.

apple-almond-blondies 1a

Sweet apple almond blondies - with ground almonds and a special ingredient -chickpeas, which makes them squidgy and adds loads of plant-based protein.

almond-tahini-raspberry-heart-biscuits-vegan-gluten-free 1a

These delicious heart biscuits combine lovely ingredients–ground almonds, tahini, sticky sweet raspberry jam - and they look so cute! Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

almond-lemon-and-rhubarb-cake-vegan 1a

The perfect cake for afternoon tea. Sweet but sour rhubarb sits on top of a fluffy almond and lemon cake that is super easy to make and looks as impressive as it tastes.

baked-mushrooms-with-harissa-chickpeas-tahini-dressing 1a

This dish has a little kick of spice thanks to the harissa chickpeas that work perfectly with the thick tahini dressing to bring the whole dish together.

baked-mushrooms-in-a-rich-tomato-sauce-cashew-cheese-and-chickpeas 2a

Rich tomato sauce encapsulates soft mushrooms and chickpeas to make the perfect starter or light lunch. Super simple to make and absolutely delicious.

Delicious bread rolls filled with a punchy pesto that adds an incredible colour and flavour. Perfect for starters, sides, or just eaten on their own.

baked-hispi-cabbage-in-smokey-tomatoes-and-tahini 1a

A perfect winter warmer dish that combines all of my favourite ingredients. A rich smoky tomato sauce and a thick tahini drizzle over baked, charred cabbage.

baked-aubergine-with-lentil-salad-creamy-hummus-roast-tomatoes 1a

Inspired by Spanish tapas, this salad takes all the best parts and combines them into a complete meal that’s just as deliciously hot as it is cold.

baked-squash-with-chestnut-nut-roast-stuffing 1a

This delicious and wholesome baked squash with chestnut nut toast stuffing is a perfect seasonal dish which can be cooked for festive dinners or Sunday lunches.

baked-butternut-squash-with-kale-pesto 1 a

Beautifully baked butternut squash topped with a homemade pesto that is nutty and zingy, making it a delicious treat for the whole family.

banana-almond-and-raspberry-cake-with-granola-topping 1a

An incredibly delicious banana, almond and raspberry cake. Easy to make and then topped with a crunchy granola topping - a perfect balance of flavours.

baked-beetroots-with-cashew-cheese-and-hazelnut-thyme-dukkah 1a

Beautiful baked beetroots topped with creamy cashew cheese and nutty crunchy hazelnut and thyme dukkah. This makes a lovely starter or main with potatoes.

baked-aubergine-cashew-cheese-pesto-rich-tomato-sauce-vegan-gluten-free 1a

Packed full of vibrant Mediterranean flavours, this super simple dish is a perfect mid-week meal the whole family can enjoy.

beetroot-dal-with-roast-beetroot-and-gram-flour-flatbreads 1a

A beautifully vibrant and delicious dal made with beetroots and red lentils. Served with gluten-free gram flour crepes, which work perfectly to scoop up.

banana-tahini-cake-with-coconut-topping-vegan-gluten-free 1a

This cake deliciously combines sweet bananas, tahini, ground almonds and my secret cake ingredient–chestnuts. It’s gooey and moist and easy to make.

butternut-squash-hasselbacks-indian-spices 1a

A simple but stunning dish - delicious hasselback squash roasted until tender then drizzled in a gorgeous Indian spiced oil.

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