Savoury Baked Potatoes with Smokey Beans & Creamy Slaw

The ultimate savoury baked potatoes with smokey beans & creamy slaw – comforting, wholesome and absolutely delicious. One for the whole family.

Savoury baked potatoes with smoky beans & creamy slaw

I love a good baked potato! When cooked slowly in the oven to create the perfect crispy skin and fluffy centre–oh my goodness, simple but so, so good!

I thought I’d challenge myself to create the ultimate baked potato–so for me it has to be cooked in the oven, then all the flesh scooped out and mixed with lots of goodies; chives, mayo, nutritional yeast for ‘cheesiness’, sea salt and spring onions.

This on its own is absolutely delicious. But I go further–homemade smokey black beans packed with spices and then topped with the best creamy slaw I’ve made to date. It’s creamy, crunchy and fresh at the same time from the fresh mint and dill–I urge you to try it.
I think you can tell I’m quite enthusiastic about this one? I have tested it on my sister and the kids many times — a winner.

Some other meal ideas;
The smokey black beans–absolutely delicious on toast, rice or mashed potato.
The savoury potatoes–I could eat these on their own any day but also fantastic with creamy hummus, and slaw, or with dal.
The slaw–one of my favourite sides to serve with any one pot dish like curry, dal, chilli or stew!

I hope you love this much love. Niki xxx.

Savoury baked potatoes with smoky beans & creamy slaw

Savoury Baked Potatoes with Smoky Beans & Creamy Slaw

The ultimate savoury baked potatoes with smoky beans & creamy slaw - comforting, wholesome and absolutely delicious. One for the whole family.
Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 1 hour
4 servings
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  • 4 medium baking potatoes
  • Olive oil to rub
  • Sea salt

Filling ingredients

  • 1 small bunch chives finely chopped
  • 4 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 3 tbsp vegan yogurt or mayo
  • 1 tsp sea salt flakes
  • Black pepper
  • 2 spring onions sliced
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

For the beans

  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 large red onion sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic sliced
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 150 g cherry tomatoes sliced
  • 5 sun-dried tomatoes oil chopped up
  • 2 tsp harissa paste
  • 250 g black beans
  • 100 ml water
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • 3 tbsp fresh thyme

For the slaw

  • 1/4 medium cabbage sliced finely into strips
  • 3 spring onions sliced finally
  • 1 carrot sliced thinly into batons

For the dressing

  • 3 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
  • 3 tbsp coconut or plant-based yogurt
  • Finely grated zest 1 lemon
  • Juice ½ lemon
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • 4 tbsp mint shredded
  • 4 tbsp dill shredded

For the toasted seeds

  • 3 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 3 tbsp sunflower seeds
  • Big pinch sea salt flakes


For the baked potatoes

  • Pre heat your oven to 200 c
  • Rub a little olive oil and sprinkle salt over the potatoes, then wrap in foil.
  • Place in the oven on a baking tray and bake for 25 minutes.
  • Remove the oven and unwrap the potatoes. Place bake on the tray and bake for a further. 20-30 minutes until their skins are crispy, and sticking one with a fork meets no resistance

For the beans

  • Add the oil and onion to a wide bottom pan and fry gently on a low heat for around 10 minutes until soft and browning. Add the garlic and spices and fry for 30 seconds more.
  • Add the tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and harissa to the pan and cook for 5-10 minutes until the tomatoes have softened.
  • Now add the beans and water and cook on a low heat for 5 minutes.
  • Finally, add the salt, black pepper and fresh thyme.

For the slaw

  • Add the cabbage, onions and carrots to a large bowl.

To make the dressing

  • Add the ingredients to a jar and mix to combine.
  • Now add the dressing to the veg and mix to combine.
  • Add the fresh mint and stir again.
  • Add 1 tbsp of the toasted seeds.

To serve

  • Slice the baked potatoes in half.
  • Scoop out the flesh and add to a large bowl.
  • Now add the filing ingredients to the potato flesh. Mix to combine thoroughly.
  • You can now fill the potato skins with the savoury filling.

To make the seeds

  • Add to a dry pan and gently toast on a medium heat until lightly brown. Be careful not to burn them.
  • Stir in the salt, then transfer to a jar with a lid.
  • Serve with the smoky beans and slaw and toasted seeds.

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