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The young person’s guide to the plant-based lifestyle.

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The young person’s seasonal guide to the vegan year.

Rainbow Bowls

40 quick and simple recipes to eat the rainbow.

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My Latest Website Recipes & Blog Posts

Rebel Recipes Crispy Tofu with a Sesame Coating and Peanut Salad Recipe Image 1

This delicious crispy tofu with a crunchy, nutty sticky coating is amazing! Combined with a fresh and super nutty roasted peanut salad - a taste explosion.

Packed with lovely seasonal ingredients - my deliciously simple roast tomato and roast potato salad with pesto dressing, toasted seeds and olives.

Rebel Recipes Website Blog How to Host a Vegan Dinner Party 1a

Planning a vegan dinner party? Impress your guests with delicious dishes, make your preparations easier, and enjoy the event more with my recipes and tips.

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