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Now you guys know I love my store-cupboard, it’s an extension in my kitchen but the beating heart in all of my recipes. Having a well-stocked pantry not only means you have a wide variety of delicious and nutritious ingredients on hand in order to create some mouth-watering and show-stopping dishes, but these ingredients are also SUPER versatile meaning you can create multiple different combinations of dishes by just playing around with the textures, flavours, spices and cuisines.

And one store cupboard ingredient I absolutely love… are my beans. From Mung, to Butter Bean, Broad to Persian and every colour under the sun – beans are a huge part of my everyday staple diet. You can roast them, blend them, throw them in a stew, curry, sauce or pile on top of a huge chunk of sourdough or steal forkfuls straight from the pan. Here are my top ten recipes featuring beans – I hope you enjoy.  

Mushroom & Butter Bean Ragu with ‘Cheesy’ Polenta

Utilising more than one store-cupboard grain, this mushroom and butterbean ragu is paired with a slightly cheesy polenta for an earthy warming bowl of comforting goodness. Dive in=with an extra helping of sourdough bread to soak up its juices.  

Smokey Beans with Aubergine & ‘Cheesy’ Toasts

Looking for a simple lazy Sunday brunch? Or mid-week warming lunch? This is the recipe for you. Taking all the old school comforts of cheese and beans on toast but adding my little Rebel twist with a smoky variety and added veggie hit – you will never go back to your classic beans on toast again.  

Mung Bean Stew with Gram Flour Flatbread and Gomashio

If you are unfamiliar with mung beans, let me introduce you to your new favourite bean. Also known as the green gram or moong, mung beans are packed with healthy nutrients and are rich in potassium – they also have a super nutty texture that works amazing in a wholesome hearty stew made with all store cupboard ingredients and served with your choice of side. Perfect. 

Miso Roast Parsnips on Mustard Butter Bean Mash and Roast Garlic

With a helping hand from our veg drawer comes this delicious dish that combines caramelised parsnips (feel free to use carrots instead) mixed in with a sweet miso dressing and on a bed of sharp peppery mustard butter bean mash – enjoy on its own with a hunk of fresh bread or as part of a larger spread.  

Roast Courgette, Green bean, Chickpea and Broad Bean Salad

As spring starts to rear its head, it’s time to grab all the greens and create a light, refreshing and delicious salad utilising store-brought ingredients with a handful of veggies thrown in. This salad combines both chickpeas and broad beans to add some ummph to the base of the dish and is topped with roasted veg. Feel free to add in defrosted peas instead of the chickpeas for some sweetness.  

Roast Tandoori Carrots on Butter Bean and Tomato Dip

What I love about butter beans is their ability to enhance the flavours you add with them – they are truly a blank canvas and vehicle for all thing’s deliciousness. By adding sweet roasted Tandoori spiced carrots on top of this smooth sweetened tomato dip you can really balance out the flavours for a delicious lunch or snack.  

Roast Pepper, Tomato and Caramelised Onion White Bean Bake

Take a can of white beans, add them into a roasting dish with garlic, harissa, coconut milk and some nutritional yeast and pair them with roasted pepper and tomato and you will have a delicious warming dish that is the perfect combination of soft roasted produce and sweet mouth-watering juices – with just a cheesy hint thrown in for good measure. So simple, yet so good. 

Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Bean Chilli with British Quinoa Lemon and Herb

The sweet variety of potato is paired with store-cupboard regulars quinoa and multiple tins of beans before being packed with a punch of spice, lemon and herbs to create a chili that will soon be your go-to dish. Make sure to make a double quantity because you will most definitely be going back for seconds. Top with fresh herbs and avocado or sprinkle over sesame seeds for some added crunch.  

Roast Cauliflower, Fennel and White Bean Salad with Roast Tomato Salsa

Not only is this a super simple yet nutritious salad packed using two of my favourite vegetables, but they are completely transformed after roasting to be even more delicious. I’ve paired it with a homemade tomato salsa, but a store brought version will work just as well if fresh tomatoes are unavailable. Throw on some toasted seeds or nuts for a great texture contrast to the soft beans folded throughout.  

Black Bean Enchiladas with Herby Tahini Cashew Sauce

Beans are wonderful because they can be thrown into all sorts of dishes and just elevate it or bulk them out and this does both. A hearty chili is transformed into delicious enchiladas for the next day leftover use-up. Add in some herby tahini sauce and bake to perfection! Zero waste and the beans save the day.

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