How to make amazing stuff happen: The top five female entrepreneurial podcasts to listen to this Autumn.

Just like coffee cones and Yorkshire pudding wraps, we thought podcasts would die out – but they are sticking up there with gin and avocado, well, anything, and we have been really starting to get into them here at the RR HQ!  Podcasts are the perfect alternative to our guilty 90’s pop playlist and are able to do a variety of things such as inspire, educate, humour and emote in the simplest of ways – by just listening. You can listen on your commute, at the gym or as you unwind in the evening. And there is a whole heap of different genres depending on your mood and time constraints.  But how do you choose what to listen to next? Do you mindlessly scroll through until one catches your eye, or do you send out an SOS on the #GirlGang WhatsApp group?  It can be hard as there are so many currently out there. It’s like a Tinder Roulette for your ears; you never know what you’re going to get.  So, we have done some of the hard work for you. We have sat down in the name of science and put together our top five list of bad-ass, female entrepreneurial podcasts that your ears are going to thank you for. So, sit back and listen. (well, read first, choose, then listen.)    

Unsubscribe by Jada Sezer and Louise Troen

Created for you… yes you, Unsubscribe is the podcast that aims to help you build the tools and confidence to be able tounsubscribe from the negative habits and resubscribe to patterns of behaviour that will help you become the best you there is. This honest, raw and inspirational series touches on the unspoken taboos, trials and tribulations of some of the most awe-inspiring women in the business world today including the first (and youngest) publishing director of VOGUE, Vanessa Kingori, the incredible singer Joy Crookes and Bryony Gordon best-selling author and marathon-running mental health advocate, and teaches you how to learn how to find happiness in the things that bring you joy. Marie Kondo eat your heart out.  

Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert

This weekly podcast by Adidas ambassador, world-wide motivational speaker and all-round bad-ass Adrienne may bend the rules a little on its name, with each episode averaging around 40minutes, rather than an hour but with added bonus Voice Notes between 5-10minutes and Adrienne’s uplifting and frank podcast, which sees the host interview the top coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs and divulge into their daily habits, routines and words of wisdom, this could quite likely be the key to changing your life for good. Just one hour [read: 40minutes] at a time.     

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day 

Sometimes everything sucks, and that’s okay. It’s life. It happens. But why don’t we normalise this and celebrate it more? Enter Elizabeth Day and her brilliant podcast (and bestselling book of the same name) How to Fail. Each week Elizabeth is joined by a new interviewee, a respected name in their field such as award-winning stand-up-comedian Deborah Frances-White, poet Charley Cox and Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge and ask’s them… “what have they failed at” and “what have you earnt from that.” Teaching us that in order to succeed better we have to learn how to fail. This is a place to celebrate the things that haven’t gone right, and we are all here for it.  

One Girl Band by Lola Hoad

Specifically aimed at female creative entrepreneurs the One Girl Band was created by designer and coach Brighton-based Lola Hoad, as a small little pep-talk for those that need it. In the OGB podcast Lola teaches others what she wishes someone would have taught her before launching her own small business. From content marketing through to goal setting and how to change our mindset in believing we are good enough to go after our dreams. With real-life genuine and truly addictive episodes, Lola has curated a space where female entrepreneurs are allowed to shine, and you leave feeling like you have created a whole new crowd of besties. Her latest episode “No-one has their shit together” hits all our feels.  

Girls Gone Boss by Alex Pender and Gaby Ortega

Now it wouldn’t be a girl-boss podcast roundup without the true Miami OG’s Alex and Gaby, who created the Girls Gone Boss podcast – to awaken the boss in you! Wanting to create a space to empower and motivate, the girls have done all that and more. Interviewing some of the most forward-thinking women of our time and empowering the next generation with style and grace all in under an hour (mostly) the GGB team speak life and business, hone in on their own unique experiences and provide positivity, strength and empowerment to all that listen. And just one episode is enough to want to pack up your bags, fly across the states and join their girls gone boss girl gang.


  1. Nisha / Rainbow Plant Life on October 8, 2019 at 11:54 am

    This is a lovely roundup! I have been looking for new podcasts that are more, shall we say motivating and inspiring, than the news-focused ones I usually listen to that inevitably depress me, so this is much-needed 🙂

    • Niki on October 21, 2019 at 4:50 am

      Hey Nisha
      Fantastic news! Hope you enjoy lovely

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