Rebel Recipes

Maximum flavour, minimum fuss: the ultimate in vegan food

Inspired by her travels around the globe, Rebel Recipes – Niki’s debut cookbook that shares its name with her award-winning blog - is all about non-conformity and contains some of her favourite plant-based recipes that celebrate vegetables, their vibrancy, their flavours and their colours. This is the vegan book that is all about comfort food for the soul - no limp lettuce here.


Expect Spicy Indian Crepes, Baked Aubergine with Cashew Cheese and Pesto and Chocolate Cherry Espresso Pots.


Henry & Ian, BOSH

“What a ridiculously good book”

Prima Magazine

“Crammed with recipes that inspire rather than intimidate”

The Rebel Recipes Hype


From avocado pizza to rainbow coleslaw, vegan recipes has a new master creator

The Times

From avocado pizza to rainbow coleslaw, vegan recipes has a new master creator

Waitrose Magazine

From avocado pizza to rainbow coleslaw, vegan recipes has a new master creator

The Sun

Be More Vegan

The Young Person’s Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Utilising her own experience and journey, Niki Webster, the award-winning blogger and author of Rebel Recipes has created the book she wished she had when she was growing up. With so much to love about the vegan life; with so much misinformation – this is the no-nonsense go-to guide for those who want to start making a difference in the most delicious way possible – for people of all ages.


Combining useful tips, tricks and fact-based information, statistics and nutritionist backed recipes – Be More Vegan contains over 50 recipes with Niki’s original top tips on how to get the most out of the everyday. From delicious toast toppers, mix-and-match pizzas and sweet treats there is something for everyone.


Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen

“The exact sort of book I needed when I was growing up; my nearly teenager will love this too”

The Independent

“This book is aimed at young people but useful to all thanks to its no-nonsense language, everyday ingredients and a particularly dreamy carrot cake mug cake recipe”

My Vegan Year

The Young Person’s Guide to Going Plant-Based

Millions of young people want to be more plant-based - and this is the first-ever young person's guide to the whole vegan year. It's filled with helpful advice and inspiration about how to cut down on (or cut out) meat and dairy, as well as the latest nutritional information to make sure young readers have the all-important facts at their fingertips, free from disinformation and waffle.

Starting in spring, the book shows you how to make amazing vegan food in every season. As well as over 50 fun, simple and delicious recipes that anyone can try, it's also filled with great tips for every season - from how to grow your own veg to the ultimate vegan finger food for the party season. It's a fantastic handbook that's the perfect plant-based companion for 365 days of being vegan!

Jacket_ My Vegan Year_ The Young Person's Guide to Going Plant-Based by Niki Webster (£14.99, Welbeck Children’s) published 30th November 2021.

Derek Sarno

“Another great book from Niki Webster!”


“Packed with delicious plant-based dishes for all seasons, with handy tips and tricks... clever ingredient swaps and time-saving tricks”

Ultimate Winter Roast Lentil & Veg Bake

Recipe from Rebel Recipes

Get stuck into one of Niki Webster’s favourite dishes that use wholesome and simple ingredients to create delicious vegan meals that anyone can make with no fancy ingredients or expensive equipment.

Just great vegan recipes for real life


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About the Author


Niki Webster is an award-winning food blogger, recipe developer and consultant. Known for her simple yet delicious recipes, Niki, who is based in Shrewsbury, UK, takes inspiration from her travels to celebrate vegetables; creating recipes that burst with unexpected joy that will feed your soul as well as your belly and combining these newfound flavour combinations with local and seasonal produce for a delicious and modern Global cuisine twist.

After launching her blog Rebel Recipes in 2015, she has gone on to amass an army of foodie fans looking for recipe inspiration and plant-based eating know-how which led her to create her debut book Rebel Recipes in 2020 and Be More Vegan in 2021.

Niki, who is also a certified Holistic Health Coach and Plantlab Level 1 Raw Chef has developed recipes, food styling, photography and content strategy with brands such as Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods and Waitrose and also appeared in the Independent, Grazia, Women’s Health, Vegan Life and Sunday Brunch showcasing her love for plant-based food and feel-good comfort food.


Maximum flavour, minimum fuss: the ultimate in vegan food