Zero Waste & Sustainability – What can WE practically do to help?

By Jen – Head Rebellious Researcher and Badass Foodie @ RR HQH

In recent years there has finally been a huge shift in people’s perceptions with regard to climate change, as the “greenhouse effect” has been catapulted into the spotlight. For many this has come far too late, especially when some of the first scientists to highlight the damaging effects of the burning of fossil fuels to the environment, did so more than a century ago.

No longer are we all just motoring along in an oblivious bubble, ignorantly believing that the oceans getting warmer and the ice caps melting cannot possibly be a result of anything us humans are doing. A plethora of documentaries, films, media coverage, scientific data AND the recent increases in natural disasters, storms and forest fires have all highlighted that the issue is a rather gigantic one and surely we must do something about it NOW before it is too late.

But, can we ACTUALLY make a difference to the damage already done?

Some might say that merely one of us making a few changes here and there will not make the slightest bit of difference, but you my friend are wrong. Even if I for example just happen to take my keep cup to grab my next oat mylk capp (yes im THAT girl) and it inspires the person behind me in the queue to buy one and use it too then that’s something right? A few hundred paper cups saved in doing so. You never know who you are inspiring and just how much impact the tiniest of changes can make. So let’s go team…see what you can do with a few of our easy tips to jump on the eco train…..

8 top tips:

Go plastic free – even just try do it for a day at first, then work up towards a week and go from there! Friends of The Earth have got a super article here with lots of easy tips to getting your home a little less plastic such as making your own cleaning products and switching to glass jars for storage rather than tupperware (i’ve always been a tupperware hoarder!)

Sustainable food shopping.Shop at a local zero waste supermarket if there is one near you or even just support your local greengrocer and stores where you can. We absolutely love The Clean Kilo in Birmingham…take your own containers!

Take public transport, car share or why not get a bike and start cycling to work and get fitter in the process!

Avoid fast fashion. Recycle, reuse, or even rent. Why not try your local charity shops or even set up a “share and swap” amongst your friends?

Go paperless. This is a super easy one. Any bills or post you receive that is unnecessary and you can be emailed or messaged instead then make sure you make the swap. Super simple.

Sustainable gifting – love this. Give people experiences, not things. STORIES BEAT STUFF.

Invest in a bamboo or similar utensil set and a reusable hot drink cup to carry with you in your handbag or work / gym bag and avoid those still every present plastic forks and knives when eating on the go? We love these fab utensils, these gorgeous cups and why not go all out and change up your plastic straw habbit while you’re at it with these?

Reduce your food waste….freeze fruit / veg that might be on the turn to use in smoothies or soups or simple roast all your old veg and make an easy soup straight away. You can juice off cuts from meal prep too!

YOU CAN SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP EVEN FURTHER….Why not record your “little changes” experiences on video and share with your friends / audience to help others try and implement changes too?

This is a really interesting tool too – WWF FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR

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