Thriva Health Test Review & My Results

I’m not sure about you guys but I’m always keen to know how healthy I am. I mean I think that I have a healthy diet and lifestyle but how do we really know what’s going on on the inside?

Especially as we don’t usually get a health check from the doctors unless we’re ill or have symptoms which need further investigation so when the guys at Thriva offered me the chance to try out their DIY health test I was really keen to try it.
I was particularly keen to see if following a plant based diet has had any impact good or bad on my health  – Their ‘Energy’ test tests for cholesterol, liver function, vitamin D and Iron so a great all over check.

I’m pleased to say my test came back all good! Have a look at the results below for a detailed breakdown if you’re interested.

You will notice that I theoretically have ‘high’ cholesterol but it’s the HDL ‘good’ cholesterol which actually protects against heart disease. By the way I suspected that this was the case as the last time I had it checked a few years ago my HDL levels were high and again the doc told me this was a good thing and nothing to worry about.

I was also really pleased that my Vitamin D levels are looking good, it’s pretty hard to get enough sun exposure these days but I guess my time in sunny Spain must be helping to boost that.

So here’s s little bit more about the actual test and how it works;

After ordering the kit on line it arrives in a lovely box with easy and clear instructions to follow. You need to prick your finger with an automatic lancet but this is super quick and painless.
You then send the sample back to the lab in the pre – paid pack and wait for the Doctor to assess your results. As soon as they’re ready (mine took two days) you get an email notifying you that your results are in and to check out the Thriva dashboard.
All the results are clearly displayed with information and comments/suggestions from the doctor if there are any improvements to be made.
In my case there was some general advice about exercising three times a week.


I’ve got to say I was very impressed with the whole Thriva health test experience and it’s a great way to keep track of your health so you can make some lifestyle tweaks if anything is flagged up.

You can learn more here and if you fancy trying it for yourself the guys at Thriva have very kindly given me a discount code for you guys! For discount please use REBEL10 which is for 10% off your first kit.

Wishing you lots of health and happiness! Niki xxx





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