The Ultimate Valentines Dinner (vegan)

(all plantbased and full of wholefood goodness ready to knock the tastebuds and socks off your favourite person on the 14th Feb)

By Jen – Head Rebellious Researcher and Badass Foodie @ RR HQ

Aaaah… Valentines Day. Love it or hate it, the 14th February is once again nearly upon us and even if you’re a firm hater of cupid’s special day, most of us once again have to suffer the yearly dilemma of what to gift their loved ones. A gesture that manages to show how much they mean to you and shows thought has been put in without having to resort to the generic last minute box of chocolates or bunch of limp garage flowers given through a sheer lack of inspiration and time!
Well fear not, we have got you covered and have come up with a rather inspirational little idea that might just earn you some extra gold stars come the 14th…

I am personally a huge believer that food is best enjoyed when shared, and I really think so much passion and soul goes into cooking that nothing quite says “You’re my favourite” more than a delicious homemade feast, especially when it’s bursting with healthful seasonal ingredients and prepared with an extra sprinkle of Valentine’s love. So to give you that little helping hand, the team here at RR HQ have scoured the world of delicious and wholesome veg focused recipes to bring you a pretty LOVEly little medley of dishes that will have you treating your loved ones to a really special supper this Valentines Day.

Do not panic though, you don’t need hundreds of snazzy kitchen gadgets or ridiculously expensive health foods to create this masterpiece….we’ve chosen super simple recipes that are bursting with goodness that you should be able to whip up by simply picking up ingredients from your local high street shops or supermarket. 

Do give us a tag in your delicious pics if you try any or all (we might even send you a shiny medal if you create the entire dinner!) of these mouthwatering dishes…. @rebelrecipes

SIDENOTE: You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy this scrumptious feast either..why not round up your favourite people and treat them to a dinner party round at yours? 

The Rebel Recipes – 6 course Lover’s Foodie Feast

Setting: We’re talking standard romantic protocol….candles galore, set the table all fancy, dim the lights and create a real passion cave in your kitchen or dining room – or why not create an indoor picnic set up with a blanket, candles and cushions on the living room floor?

Preparation time: Totally dependant on the courses you choose and whether you go full shabang and create the lot! 

Course 1


Aperitif by PJ Kombucha.

PJ Kombucha is a UK family owned & independent business dedicated to producing an authentic and pure Kombucha. We offer four delicious organic & vegan flavours that are low in sugar and rich in beneficial live cultures. You can find our Kombucha throughout Birmingham, at Tom’s Kitchen & Gas Street Social in the Mailbox, The Clean Kilo and Natural Bar & Kitchen, as well as Better Foods in Bristol and Planet Organic in London.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 60 ml Homemade Orange Syrup
  • 125 ml of PJ Orange Hibiscus Kombucha
  • 10 ml of freshly squeezed lime or half a lime.
  • One large sprig of thyme
  • Ice cubes
  • 30ml Vodka (Alcohol Version)

Garnish with a twisted slice of orange peel with pith removed and a small sprig of thyme through the center.

For the method and full recipe as well as more about PJ Kombucha »

Course 2


Nibbly bits by Lucy + Lentils (perfect to serve with your booch cocktails)Who is Lucy? My name is Lucy, I’m a food photographer and recipe creator based in Notts. I’ve recently quit my full time degree-based job to start a career in all things food. I love creating food for sharing with my friends and proving that veggie food is anything but boring.”

These dips are perfect to use up those left over veg in the bottom of your fridge so you can feel super smug whilst creating your valentines dinner of dreams that you are also ticking some serious zero waste goals too! This recipe uses carrots and courgettes however it would work with whatever you’ve got to use up such as aubergine, sweet potato, parsnips, mange tout, broc etc! 

Simple and scrumptious… give them a go and serve them with celery sticks, cucumber, peppers or some of Niki’s flatbreads or seeded crackers.

View the recipe here » 

Course 3


Starter by Georgia McDermott aka @georgeats Don’t know Georgia? (where have you been?!)

Here’s a bit about her from the lady herself:Hello! My name is Georgia, and I am the ~creator~ of the Instagram @georgeats. I live and work in Fitzroy, Melbourne, as a freelance food photographer and stylist. I chronicle healthy-ish recipes that are gluten free, dietary intolerance friendly, and mostly vegetarian or vegan. This whole Georgeats thing started on the living room floor of my University share house, while I was studying criminology and Italian language, of all things.

My general health had been on a rapid decline, courtesy of an unnamed gastroenterological issue, which remains unsolved to this day. In my zeal to address my never-ending list of woes, I started experimenting with/photographing what I was eating, and Georgeats was born. Since my University days, I’ve been diagnosed with gastroparesis (a condition whereby the cleansing wave that pushes food through your digestive system is incredibly slow, which is quite fitting) and SIBO. SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, that causes a whole heap of undesirable symptoms. I’ve found some relief in a gluten free and FODMAP Friendly diet, but I’m still figuring it all out.

Note: Use squash and traditional oranges as a substitute for pumpkin + blood oranges for a more seasonal twist….we absolutely adore ras-el-hanout is usually made up of around 27 herbs and spices but you can pick up a pre mixed version to save you the time and hassle of blending your own in most supermarkets! It tastes incredible with root veg such as pumpkin and squash too! Add some heat to your valentines feast with this really delicious and interesting salad. 

View the recipe »

Course 4


The Main Event by our very own Rebel Leader Niki Webster

View recipe here »

Course 5


Dessert by Samantha Hadadi Sam is a freelance health and food journalist & recipe developer. Professional nut butter addict, fitness fan and lover of good food.

Made using a delicious date and hazelnut base and with a silky, rich chocolate ganache and smooth, vegan-friendly coconut caramel filling, they are heaven in tart form and sure to earn you some serious valentines kudos!

View recipe here »

Course 6


The Final Showstopper (or Handmade Gift) by The Plant Hub founder Lauren Lovatt.

Lauren is a plant-based chef, entrepreneur and former PlantLab instructor who has now set up the PlantLab in London….an incredible new plant based academy and kitchen in East London.

Lauren is also the founder of Feed Your Mind Candy, an idea all about sharing the most delicious food that specifically feeds your mind and she is hosting a number of dinner and workshop evenings to inspire better mental health. Find out more and book your tickets »

This is not your normal truffle recipe with an omega rich base, a good helping of molasses for iron and carob for blood sugar balance. These delicious little treats sound naughtier then they are..the perfect pick me up for any day.

  • One cup dates, soaked
  • One cup gluten free oats
  • One cup walnuts 
  • 1/2 cup hemp seeds
  • 1/2 cu flax seeds 
  • 1/4 cup chia seeds 
  • 1/4 cup treacle
  • 1/4 cup melted cacao butter 
  • 1/2 cup carob
  • Pinch salt

First place the oats, walnuts, hemp, flax and chia in a food processor and pulse to a fine flour.

Plate in a bowl then separately Blend the dates (reserving the water, with 1/4 cup treacle until smooth.Mix with the seeds If its looking a little dry and one tbsp at a time of the date liquid. you want a mix that rolls rarely easily into balls.

In a separate bowl stir the melted cacao butter, carob and salt until smooth.
Pour this over the seedy mixture and mix together very well. 
Roll into balls and then roll each ball in your chosen topping. whether its carob, hemp seeds or ground walnuts 

Leave to set in the fridge until set ( or eat right away if you want resist the treacle goodness!)

So thats it! A 6 course supper that will blow any foodie’s mind – try this Thursday or for any special occasion and let us kno how you get on!

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