Cauliflower, Spinach & Pea Curry

cauliflower-pea-curry 2a

The classic combination of cauliflower, spinach, peas and gorgeous Indian spices make this curry sing with flavour and texture – a winner!

Courgette, Rocket and Pea Soup

courgette-rocket-pea-soup 1a

A light, fresh and summery soup made from seasonal greens – courgette, rocket and peas. Bursting with flavour and health. Serve with some fresh bread.

Green Risotto with Spinach & Pea Pesto

green-risotto-spinach-pea-pesto-vegan 1a

A vibrant green risotto – bursting with flavour and beautiful greens; spinach, peas & broad beans – for added taste a big helping of pea and spinach pesto is stirred in.

Loaded Indian Spiced Sweet Potatoes

loaded-indian-spiced-sweet-potatoes 1a

An easy and completely delicious was to eat sweet potatoes. Topped with spiced peas, creamy coconut and fresh coriander. A beautiful mix of flavours.

Super Green Pea & Mint Soup

super-green-pea-mint-soup 1a

Super healthy – green pea & mint soup! Full of plant proteins and really easy to make. A great way to get in the green goodness.

Tofu Matar Masala

tofu-matar-masala-vegan 1a

Creamy dreamy tofu matar paneer – a creamy lightly spiced sauce made from cashews. The tofu and peas add lots of plant-based protein. Delicious!