Puy Lentil Stew with Winter Veg Mash

puy-lentil-stew-with-winter-veg-mash 1a

This flavour packed, hearty and healthy puy lentil stew is earthy and wholesome. Served on a bed of parsnip and squash mash to make it even more delicious.

Ethiopian Lentils with Squidgy Bread

ethiopian-lentils-with-squidgy-bread 1a

A delicious version of Misir Wat spicy Ethiopian lentils using Berbere spice mix. Served with a lovely gluten-free flatbread to scoop it up – so good!

Hearty Puy Lentil Stew on Creamy Hummus

hearty-puy-lentil-stew-on-creamy-hummus 1a

A gorgeous bowl of puy lentil stew flavoured with umami flavours; balsamic, soy, vegan Worcester sauce and smoked paprika. Served on creamy hummus – Yum!

Moroccan Spiced Lentil & Chickpea Soup

moroccan-spiced-lentil-chickpea-soup 1a

You’ll love this incredible soup! It’s packed with flavour, spices, vegetables and pulses. Not only healthy, it’s absolutely delicious – you’ll make it again and again.

Nourishing Spiced Lentil & Tomato Soup

nourishing-spiced-lentil-tomato-soup 1a

Beautifully spiced and nourishing lentil and tomato soup – full of gorgeous spices, lots of tomatoes and lentils–with all amazing flavour of your favourite dhal.

Roast Carrot Dal with Herby Raita

roast-carrot-dal-with-herby-raita 1a

A delicious combination of earthy lentils and sweet roasted carrots in the delicious dal – carrots inside and on top. Served with a creamy raita – Yum!

Rainbow Lasagne

rainbow-lasagne 1a

A beautiful vegan rainbow lasagne – the ultimate healthy comfort food. Layers of bolognaise, beetroot, cheese sauce and spinach. It’s pretty special.

Smoky Red Pepper & Lentil Soup

smoky-red-pepper-lentil 1a

A lovely warming smoky red pepper and lentil soup – rich and earthy and sweet at the same time. A gorgeous soup and wonderful with fresh bread and olive oil.

Smoky Cauliflower & Lentil Stew

smoky-cauliflower-lentil-stew 1a

Lovely, smoky cauliflower and lentil stew – super wholesome and incredibly delicious. A recipe you’ll make again and again.

Spinach Dal

spinach-dal 1a

Wholesome and comforting dal, a gorgeous green colour from the spinach. A deliciously tasty and lightly spiced dish I think you’ll love.

Warming Harira Soup with Kenwood Chef

warming-harira-soup-with-kenwood-chef 1a

My version of a Moroccan Harira Soup – a deliciously spiced stew flavoured with aromatic spices like cumin, ginger and cinnamon. Warming and delicious.