Herby spinach lentil stew with broccoli steaks and spelt flatbreads

I made this delicious herby spinach lentil stew last week when the sky was grey and I needed some delicious soul soothing comfort food. This glorious green stew completely hit...

Amazing mushroom flatbreads – various toppings

I created this recipe last week - and I've already made it three more time. Definitely my new obsession! It may sound a bit unusual but the caramelised onions and...

Flatbread Masterclass

These quick flatbread’s are not only one of my favourite and most used recipes (you know me, I love flatbreads with all my meals, they are the perfect vehicle for...

Spicy Roast Chickpeas with Coriander Cauliflower Mash

We had such an amazing holiday in Sri Lanka, really relaxing and beautiful. The food was delicious and it's inspired me to create lot's more coconut dishes. So the first thing...

Spicy Sweet Potato Falafals

Ah the falafel! The vegan go to option on so many occasions. You can understand why, they are (or can be) delicious and really satisfying, however they can also be...
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