Chickpea & Apple Falafels with Spiced Bramley Chutney

In partnership with Great British Apples Here's my final recipe with Great British Apples - delicious chickpea & Bramley apple falafels with a spiced Bramley apple chutney, crunchy slaw and flatbread. So good! Tasty British Bramleys are not...

Cauliflower, Quinoa and Spinach Falafels

I love falafals.. For many reasons but randomy for a start they're round (I've always had a weird penchant for round food stuffs; tomatoes, grapes, olives etc) Plus they're tasty,...

Spicy Sweet Potato Falafals

Ah the falafel! The vegan go to option on so many occasions. You can understand why, they are (or can be) delicious and really satisfying, however they can also be...
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