Ultimate Toast Toppers

I absolutely love toast and flatbreads - you probably know that right? I thought it would be fun to create a post with some of my favourite toppings - I mean...

Mushroom Shawarma with Courgette Hummus and Flatbread

Where did the inspiration for this dish come from? Well as ever a variety to places; firstly an amazing mushroom shawarma I ate in Tel Aviv, which made my want...

Crushed Potatoes with Spinach & Basil Pesto & Cashew Parmesan (Vegan)

Guess what - I've fallen back in love with the potato. For years vilified for being to carb heavy and just a bit old fashioned. But I think the tide...

Baked Beetroots with Cashew Cheese and Hazelnut & Thyme Dukkah

Today I have an easy and delicious recipe for you- lovely whole baked beetroots with creamy cashew cheese which is just as comforting as a baked potato with cheese but...

Rich Roast Pepper & Chickpea Stew with Hazelnut Dukka

This dish is like huge hug in a bowl. The beautiful deep flavour of the roast peppers and slowly simmered tomatoes is just gorgeous. I used Berbere spice as it...
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