10 minute Chickpea Curry with Coriander Dressing

Need a delicious and nutritious meal in minutes, then this ones for you. And we all have days like that right? All you need is some cooked chickpeas, I used...

Roast Cauliflower & Broccoli with Crushed Celeriac, Aubergine Dip, Herby Caper Dressing & Flatbread

I'm not sure if I've told you yet but I'm training to be a health coach with the amazing Institute for Integrative Nutrition (you can learn more on their YouTube...

Speedy Lentil and Bean Chilli with Nachos

This is another one of my quick and easy week night dinners which makes hubby Andy very happy. Happy because it's super tasty, feels a bit naughty and so comforting...

Harissa Quinoa and Lentils with Lemony Cashew and Coriander Cream

I thought I'd take a a few minutes to talk about why I'm writing this blog. Just what does motivate someone to do this crazy thing which takes do much...
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