Superfood Blueberry Spirulina Chocolates

My superfood chocolate theme continues with these cute and yummy little heart shaped chocs. They're made from completly natural ingredients, super creamy yet light at the same time and bursting...

Amazing Raw Superfood Chocolates

I made these delicious little raw superfood chocolates last week but didn't have time to post them. We've finally arrived in Colombo Sri Lanka after a long journey, and we've...

Raw Vegan Chocolate Sandwich Cookie’s with Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse

I've spent so many years totally avoiding all desserts as my perception was that everything sweet was bad and I couldn't risk eating it for fear of immediately putting on...

Raw Vegan Chocolate Bark

This vegan chocolate bark is so simple to make, tastes amazing and looks simply stunning. Instead of using dairy based chocolate it's made with coconut oil and raw cacao powder. All you...
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