butter beans

Delicious Greek Style Beans

I have a question for you, before we get into the nitty gritty – have you ever tried Greek beans? Now, I have. And let me tell you – you...

Griddled Harissa Mushrooms on fluffy flatbread with smokey butterbean hummus and mint dip

The sun is shining and BBQ/grilling is in the air. I love a good cauliflower steak or crispy tofu skewer - but I think a gorgeous juicy mushroom is hard...

Ultimate Toast Toppers

I absolutely love toast and flatbreads - you probably know that right? I thought it would be fun to create a post with some of my favourite toppings - I mean...

Miso Roast Parsnips on Mustard Butter Bean Mash & Roast Garlic

This months seasonal veg is parsnips and I realised I didn't have as many on my site as I thought - so this seems like an opportunity to address that. ...

Roast tandoori Carrots on Butter bean & Tomato dip

I have a strong memory of eating very delicious food at my friends house as a teenager - her mum cooked much more exotic food than mine and one of...

Creamy Butter Bean Hummus, Rocket Pesto with Roast Seasonal Veg – Two ways

As you probably know I absolutely love hummus and there's never a time that I don't have at least two varieties in my fridge. Usually made with chickpeas but I...
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