Recipes by Occasion & Type

Delicious hoisin jackfruit and mushroom filled pancakes with a crunchy slaw with peanut dressing. An amazing combination.

This glorious green stew with green lentils, courgette, spinach and lots of lovely thyme. Healthy and totally more-ish.

A stunner of a summer tomato tart! Bursting with flavour and makes the perfect centrepiece for any spread. With a nutty gluten-free base.

A gorgeous bowl of puy lentil stew flavoured with umami flavours; balsamic, soy, vegan Worcester sauce and smoked paprika. Served on creamy hummus - Yum!

Delicious harissa tofu flatbreads with creamy butterbean hummus and mint dressing - an amazing combination of tastes and textures. Totally addictive.

An amazing combination of flavours; harissa spiced sweet potatoes, smokey, garlicky aubergine and zingy quick pickled onions. Delicious!

A spicy, nourishing combination of lentils and quinoa with lots of spices and a deliciously contrasting creamy cashew coriander cream. So good!

This stunning dish is incredibly tasty - the juicy harissa mushrooms burst with flavour. Served on a bed of fluffy flatbreads and super creamy hummus. Yum!

This fresh and spring like roast veg salad is super tasty and uses seasonal veg–griddled courgette and roast fennel and the crispiest roast potatoes. Delicious!

Summery, light and delicious griddled vegetables served with earthy puy lentils and creamy dressing. Healthy and perfect for lunches or served as a mezze.

Slightly charred sweet aubergine topped with creamy smashed avocado soaking into its flesh, absolutely heavenly.

Green split peas make the most deliciously creamy and comforting soup. The spices make it warming and nutritious and the dill coconut cream brings it all together.

A vibrant green risotto - bursting with flavour and beautiful greens; spinach, peas & broad beans - for added taste a big helping of pea and spinach pesto is stirred in.

Homemade mince pies are such a treat! These are vegan and gluten-free but not lacking in deliciousness. With spices, chia, flax, ground almonds, nuts, and fruit.

A lovely mushroom and walnut tart - perfect for that delicious and special occasion. A nutty crust and ‘cheesy’ mushroom filling.

Amazing mushroom shawarma, served on gorgeous roast courgette and mint hummus, flatbreads, and pistachio dukkah for crunch. An incredible combination.

A super tasty risotto which is a little more unique with the use of pearl barley, which adds lots of chunky texture. Top with caramelised onions to take it to the next level.

A lovely warm bowl of juicy mushroom creamy coconut fried rice - incredibly tasty and the perfect way of using up leftover rice - delicious!

A big and hearty bowl of mushroom and white bean cassoulet on a bed of creamy mustard polenta. This is exactly what you need on a chilly day.

A perfectly warming bowl of nutritious bean stew, all made from store cupboard ingredients. Serve flatbreads and a crunchy sprinkle.

Gorgeous aubergine and chickpea stew called moussaka. Rich tomato sauce with soft aubergine and then a little of texture from the chickpeas. Lovely!

Delicious Moroccan ‘fish’ balls with tomato sauce - an incredibly delicious dish. Served with fresh and tasty freekeh salad and pistachio dukkah.

These mini socca (gram flour) pizzas can be whipped up in minutes and the topping options are endless. Naturally gluten-free and super tasty. Three topping ideas here.

An easy and completely delicious was to eat sweet potatoes. Topped with spiced peas, creamy coconut and fresh coriander. A beautiful mix of flavours.

The perfect creamy lemony butternut squash risotto - golden and creamy and totally delicious. Packed full of flavour and easy to make - it’s a winner!

Leftover roast carrot pancakes - a brilliant and delicious way to use your leftover carrots (of other roast root veg). Topped with rocket and toasted walnuts.

Amazing homemade kimchi - made into kimchi pancakes and topped with kimchi cashew butter - a kimchi feast for the senses. Totally addictive.

Vibrant and super tasty Indian spiced crepes served with zingy tomato chutney. Absolutely brilliant for breakfast or brunch if you fancy a savoury treat.

This lovely lemon olive oil cake with maple roast plums is perfect for a easy dessert or breakfast with added yogurt and some nut butter - yum!

Absolutely delicious earthy flavours of wild mushrooms combined with a rich tomato sauce and juicy butter beans. Served with ‘Cheesy’ Polenta - yum!

You’ll love this incredible soup! It’s packed with flavour, spices, vegetables and pulses. Not only healthy, it’s absolutely delicious - you’ll make it again and again.

Delicious miso roast parsnips on a bed of mustard butterbean mash - roasted parsnips in a sweet miso dressing, amazing with the caramelised parsnips.

Nothing says summer quite like an enormous slice of luscious lemon tart–A crispy nutty base combined with creamily sweet but zesty lemon curd filling.

Decadent layers of chocolate, biscuit and caramel. Dreamy, totally additive, yet super easy to make. Perfect for a tasty snack or dessert.

An incredible risotto with juicy mushrooms and beautifully flavoured with basil pesto and lots of lemon. The popping roast tomatoes take it to the next level tasty.

A simple tomato and pea curry topped with spiced crispy tofu. Add some little gram flour pancake flatbreads to scoop it all up - delicious!

Yummy pasta with homemade basil and walnut pesto and added roast vegetables. It’s a brilliantly speedy dinner option and can be whipped up in minutes.

A tomato and chickpea curry with potato, and pea cakes nestled in this nourishing curry. This is pure comfort in a bowl, perfect for chillier autumn nights.

Fluffy savoury oat pancakes topped with mushrooms, avocado and pesto dressing. Very delicious and totally more-ish–perfect for a weekend brunch.

Beautifully spiced and nourishing lentil and tomato soup - full of gorgeous spices, lots of tomatoes and lentils–with all amazing flavour of your favourite dhal.

Nourishing and warming Chana dal - a bowl of pure comfort with added kale. Lightly spiced and best served with flatbreads to scoop it up!

An easy and super tasty dessert - sweet and gooey banana crumble and slightly sharp raspberries, which work beautifully with the deliciously sweet bananas.

Nutty oat choc chip breakfast cookies - they are easy to make, incredibly yum and packed with healthy and nutritious ingredients; oats, nuts, dates–so good!

Whip some homemade hummus up in minutes - smooth and creamy and delicious. Plus, you can tailor it to your taste - so good!

This delicious pumpkin and roast garlic hummus is a great way to use up leftover over pumpkin - wholesome and amazing on charred bread.

A beautiful green soup made with courgette, peas and mint. Full of summer flavours. Top with a vibrant pesto made with broccoli and pak choi.

A delicious tart has a crispy nutty base and gooey cauliflower cheesy filling - with caramelised onions, cauliflower ‘cheese’ and purple sprouting broccoli. Yum!

A beautiful combination of middle eastern flavours - pistachios, dates and ground almonds in squidgy bar form. One of my favourite sweet treats.