Yesterday marked the start of Organic September. A month-long awareness campaign surrounding organic food, produce and the people behind it all. As you all know, or if you are new here (hi!) and don’t – I’m super passionate about eating, buying and promoting organic.

I think we have a duty to our planet and ourselves to be more conscious about how our actions are impacting the world around us. For me, eating organic (mostly the amazing veg I get in my seasonal organic boxes) is a great way of doing something simple. Not only are you supporting the farmers who are looking after the health of our soils, by not using manufactured herbicides or artificial fertiliser, but they are also helping the environment to continue thriving and, you get to eat some very delicious, seasonal and local veggies – packed full of their very best nutrients and vitamins.

Why shop organic?
Buying organic means working with nature, instead of against it. It’s using real ingredients and eating real food. Organic is a way of producing food that’s fully traceable so you can be sure of what you are eating and that its good for you. It’s also governed by legal standards – organic food production is regularly and independently inspected, but how can you do it?

Organic food, yes, is a little more expensive, but that’s because it costs more to produce and is more labour intensive- to ensure it is the best it can be. However, there are still so many ways you can eat better for less and make organic more affordable and work for you and your family. Being totally honest with you – not everything in my cupboards or fridge is organic!! But if I can buy it organic… I will. It’s all about making small changes that will have lasting impacts. Here are my non-negotiables when it comes to buying organic.

Produce – As I have previously mentioned, and across all my platforms, I absolutely love getting my seasonal organic vegetable boxes. It’s like a little gift each week to myself. I find it a really cost-effective way to shop organic and it means I’m only getting what’s in season. This does mean, sometimes, I have to get a little bit creative with what’s available – but I love a challenge. Eating organic seasonal vegetables is an amazing way to ensure you are getting a varied diet, you won’t ever get bored of eating the same products and you are getting them at the utmost nutritional best.

Cupboard Staples
Organic flours include buckwheat, gram, rye, spelt and wheat.

Organic olive oil – I always buy a large glass bottle which works out cheaper and decanter into smaller, easily manoeuvrable ones.

Spices – it wouldn’t be a RebelRecipes recipe without a ton of spices. There are so many different organic spices available out there and is an easy way of easing yourself into the organic world.

Pulses, nuts and grains – I always buy these in bulk, at a refillable, zero-plastic store, when possible and store in glass jars.

Where can I learn more?
Each month, myself and Bettina from Bettina’s Kitchen host an organic supper club called Feast Supper Club. This supper clubis a way to get like-minded people together, around a big plate of food and discuss the most important topics in today’s food world.

This month’s theme is ‘Sustainability in Food’ which we are welcoming fellow foodie friend and organic advocate Sara from Shisodelicious. We will be cooking an entire feast with ingredients that are leftover or wasted from various businesses within the area. We also have an incredible prize at the end of it!! We will be discussing how important it is to understand what is currently going on in the world of food and how we are at a shockingly scary crisis. We will also touch on how to eat more sustainable, including choosing organic produce where possible and help you to create lasting tips and tricks to implement in your day to day life so you can do your little bit for the world.
If you’re unable to make our supper club but would still like to find out more about organic produce and how to help, you can head to the Organic UK and The Soil Association Websites.

What are the companies helping organic?
I’m so lucky to be working in partnership with both of these amazing companies who are championing organic produce. The Soil Association is the leading food and farming charity and organic certification body in the UK. I was extremely honoured to receive the BOOM Award, from The Soil Association for the Best Organic Blog in 2016 and have worked with them in close proximity for many years.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with the OrganicUK team on their Organic Feed You Happy campaign. Organic UK is an organisation that knows that when we eat organic, we feel happy. By informing and educating others on what it means to be organic, which includes high standards of animal welfare, fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives – they are inviting people to add happiness to the world, to their lives and to the bodies.

Being able to work with these amazing companies and the people who really care about organic and what it means, is life-changing for me. By creating recipes and content to hopefully inspire you to make a little change or swap to an organic product is the ultimate dream.

Organic products are all around you – some of your favourite’s might even be organic already without you knowing. You don’t have to make huge, expensive, or unrealistic changes – just a few little swaps in your day to day is enough to make a huge one of the world.

I’m always available to discuss organic and want to spread the word as much as possible. If you ever need any advice, or more tips – do drop me a message on Instagram (@rebelrecipes) or a message on my contact page.

What can I cook that’s organic?
Once you have your organic produce – what do you do with it? Well, why not try out some of my delicious organic recipes that will be sure to put a smile on your face, and a little weight lifted off the world.

Heres some seasonal organic recipes for inspiration !

Love, Niki xxx

Frangipane apple tart
Hasselback squash
Roast carrot salad

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