Interview with BOOM Ambassador Rosie Birkett & vote for the Nations Favourite!

Last year I was lucky enough to win a BOOM award (best food blog – I’m so honoured). I don’t think anything can beat the feeling of being recognised for all the hard work & passion you put into a project. So I’m really happy to spread the word about this years awards & encourage people get people involved by voting for the Nation’s Favourite Award.

You can find out more about the awards below and I also gave a fantastic interview with this years ambassador Rosie Birkett, where I posed some questions about her food passions, latest trends and what organic means to her.


The BOOM Awards

The BOOMs are not just about what you can buy in the shops, more and more restaurants and cafes are also using organic and there are increasing ways to shop from box schemes to local independents, as well as growing ranges in the supermarkets and discounters alike. The awards recognise all of this innovation and development.


The BOOMs celebrate the whole organic market including products, places and people. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner or even your favourite tipple. From apples to courgettes, Liverpool to London, the BOOMs are about shouting about the organic products – and people behind them – that Brits just can’t live without.

The categories will be judged by a panel of industry experts, high profile chefs, bloggers and writers with a passion for great food. Apart from one – the Nation’s Favourite Award.

2017 BOOM ambassador Rosie Birkett adds: “Organic food is something I am really passionate about, and I always try to cook and prepare my dishes with the best possible ingredients. There are now so many amazing organic foods on offer which are readily available to everyone. I can’t wait to see and try some of the best at this year’s BOOMs.

Nations Favorite

The Soil Association needs the nation’s help to find the most popular organic product. This is the people’s chance to nominate anyone they think deserves to win. Nominations are open until 31st Mayand people can vote here: The Nation’s Favourite

My interview with Rosie –  cook, stylist and food writer and 2017 BOOMbassador
Where did your passion for food come from? Where did it all start and do you have any guidance or tips for aspiring foodies?

My love of food began when I was a child. My parents were both very food-centric – my mum a fantastic cook and my father a passionate grower and eater, and we grew our own veg, kept chickens and foraged in the Kent countryside for cobnuts, apples and mushrooms. I would advise anyone of thinking of getting into food to go for it – there is so much to learn and such a diversity of opportunity I think there’s something for everyone.

What are top food trend predictions for the coming year?

I think there is a finally a focus on the holistic when it comes to food. We’re seeing many more conversations around sustainability, seasonality, food waste and the importance of organic and even permaculture, which is fantastic.

You work as a cook, food writer, presenter & stylist – how you manage your time and what do you love the most?

Ha! I’m not the best at time management but it helps that I absolutely adore my job. Because I do so many things sometimes it can be tricky but I’m lucky to have a very supportive partner who makes me tea and helps me unpack after long days of food styling when I’m totally shattered! One down side is that I sometimes end up working non-stop and being unable to take a break or completely switch off, but I am trying to get better at that!

– What does eating organic mean to you?

It means the assurance that I’m eating something I know has been produced in a way which is kinder to the environment, to the bees, the ocean (which is being trashed by chemicals used in large-scale conventional agriculture) and more in tune with nature and healthy for the soil. These things are really important to me.



Latest research
Research released  by the Soil Association shows that 80% of British shoppers now believe eating organic is beneficial and more shoppers understand what organic food is all about.

The findings reveal that people believe organic food is best because it’s natural (28%), pesticide-free (26%) and healthy (15%) and they understand that paying a little extra ensures top quality and sustainability. This represents a big change from 2009-2011 when the organic market dipped due to the banking crisis and following recession. It’s now in its fifth year of sustained growth and worth over £2 billion.

The increase in people choosing organic is being driven by availability, with organic food becoming easier to find in shops. More and more chefs, restaurants and cafes are also choosing organic, as well as food writers who are increasingly featuring organic ingredients in their recipes.

With the continued increases in both the originality of how organic food is being offered and the exciting products now available, the BOOM Awards (Best of Organic Market Awards) celebrate what’s currently happening in the market as well as encouraging future innovation. Winners last year included Davenport Vineyards, Waitrose, Plenish Organic Cold Pressed Juices, and Booja-Booja organic truffles. The most hotly contested award is the Nation’s Favourite, a public vote to find the most popular organic product in the shops.

Vote here guys!

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