Food Styling & Photography Weekend

The Plant Hub, London | 2nd & 3rd November | 10.00 - 15.30

Are you a budding photographer?

Or simply dream  of writing a book, starting a blog or evolving your business? 

In this class we will cook delicious food together and spend time styling and learning the tricks behind the best food photographs.

A fantastic experience do develop your own portfolio and the opportunity to have profession expertise and insights into not only creating delicious food but capturing, sharing and marketing what you make.

In this class you will learn Niki's wholesome recipes, we will delve into professional styling and powerful plating whilst also talking about food but marketing and showcasing you own unique style. 

As well as recipes you will leave this class with your own mini portfolio of photos.

Next Dates November 2nd & 3rd 2019. 


10:00 - Intro & Welcome Drinks

11:00 - The Art of food Photography and practical food styling tips

12:00 - Hands on cooking and demo
1:30 - Styling, Photography & lunch
3:00 - Afternoon snack photo masterclass
3:30 - Finish


10:00 - Styling brunch
11::30 talk on editing, lighting
12:30 - Hands on cooking
1:30 - Styling, Photography & lunch
3:00 - Dessert masterclass and photo shoot 
3:30 - Q & A, review and finish 
The whole weekend will give you on a comprehensive and practical guide through food styling and photography. But also, due to popular demand, You can choose to join us for One day Only.
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