5 Simple Dishes Teenagers Can Make For Mother’s Day With Little to No Help

There’s no better way to say ‘I Love You’ then through a big plate of delicious goodness you have spent time and effort making. Not only can you pick and choose their favourite flavours or dishes to make it that little bit extra special but just knowing how much thought you put into it is enough to make anyone smile. And with Mother’s Day coming this Sunday I wanted to share some simple recipes that are not only delicious but are great for teenagers to be able to prepare with little or no help – meaning it can be a complete surprise as you wake her up with a breakfast-in-bed or treat her to a delicious cake and a cup of tea later in the day. These recipes are all super simple, require little to no knife work but all taste absolutely amazing and I’ve even included a few extra tips and tricks to make things even easier. So, whatever you are doing this Mother’s Day – make sure to celebrate with some delicious dishes. 

Regardless of what dish you are creating, make sure to get all your ingredients ready before you start. Weigh all the ingredients out and pop them in separate bowls, that way you are ensure that you are able to follow the recipe without missing anything out. It may create a little extra washing up – but it’s a fail-safe way to calm the nerves and be prepared and is a skill that professional chefs do all the time – it’s called mise en place which roughly translates to ‘setting up’ – in yourself and in the kitchen and looks a little something like this: 

  1. Read the entire recipe through
  2. Prepare your workspace in the kitchen and make sure it is clean and clear of clutter.
  3. Pre-heat the oven or get any ingredients out that need to soften or come up to room temperature (if required) 
  4. Find all the equipment you are going to need and make sure they are also clean and placed within reach
  5. Then gather, pre-measure and prepare all ingredients 

If you get easily over-whelmed, have a huge workload or want to keep it a secret while you’re Mumma Bear is working from home, you can cook and prepare things in advance. Prep, peel and chop fruits and keep them covered in water and in the fridge (place it behind some jars and containers for secrecy) or bake your cupcakes a day before and keep in an air-tight container, hidden somewhere cool, dark and dry – so that it’s easier to finish the dish on the day. 

Why not treat her to a deliciously crisp and sweet caramel apple parfait pot. You can make these in advance, layer them up and then surprise her on the day. They look as striking as they taste delightful. 

Everyone loves pancakes (for some more quick and simple tips and tricks for smaller hands, read this) and these are paired with a spiced caramelised pear and fig compote but can be swapped for any of her favourite fruits or whatever is in season or to hand. 

Serve this one hot after dinner – my blackberry and blueberry dessert which is topped with a peanut butter and thyme crisp and is best served with a plant-based cream, ice-cream or custard. It’s filling and warming and is the perfect dish for any mum with a sweet tooth.

Let her kick back with a cup of tea and a slice of this delightfully moist lemon cake that’s made with olive oil and a maple roasted plum topping.


Or treat her to an afternoon of delights with these lemon and elderflower cupcakes that have a brilliantly zingy coconut lemon curd topping and are perfect for the whole family. Pack them in a picnic to enjoy in the garden or surprise her with one just to say ‘I love you’

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